South Philly Co-op Exceeds Fall Campaign Goals

Throughout September and October, the South Philly Food Co-op established a goal to welcome 60 new member-owners in order to hit the 1,000-member mark and raise $60,000 in member loans. If the organization met that goal, the co-op would unlock a $30,000 investment from the board.

However, the co-op exceeded this goal, as it now stands at 1,002 member-owner households strong. On the loan side, 25 of those 1,002 households made an investment during this fall push for a grand total of $76,100 raised through member loans.

With the co-op’s board commitment unlocked, that means the organization put $106,100 in the bank through member loans and thousands more in member equity in just two months.

The South Philly Food Co-op’s finish-line goals are to welcome 100 member-owners and raise $100,000 in member loans by the end of February. Meeting these goals will allow them to be fully under construction in March and anticipate a Summer 2019 opening.

The co-op invites you to help them make some early progress toward these goals by taking one of the following actions: 

For more information, contact Emily Wyner at [email protected].

By Grace Maiorano – South Philly Review, November 7, 2018

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