Study Reaffirmed: Roundup-Ready GMO corn causes serious health damage

A 2012 study that identified serious health effects from feeding GMO (genetically modified organisms) corn and the Monsanto corporation’s glyphosate-based herbicide Roundup has been strongly reaffirmed.  The original paper, written by Prof. Gilles Eric-Seralina and associates, was attacked by commercial interests, and that campaign and resulting controversy led to the withdrawal of the publication in late 2013.  Now the original paper, subject to stringent peer review, has been republished and the findings confirmed.  This is a major turn in efforts to more carefully restrict the use of Roundup and GM corn, and the commercial interests defending such usage will have to work harder to undermine the evidence of damage being caused by glyphosate-based herbicides and GM seed.  The study has not only been republished with responses to criticisms; it also, unusually, has published all of the data of the original study.  Find details on the home page at “The Ecologist” in a report by its editor, Oliver Tickell:

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