Time to Vote in the CGN Board Election

Each Member Co-op Has One Vote
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Every organization in our network relies on board members to offer guidance, oversight, and a range of diverse skills and perspectives. Cooperative Grocer Network (CGN) is no different, and we hold an election each year.

There are three candidates for three open seats this year in the CGN board election. Election resultes will be announced at our virtual Annual Meeting on June 29, 2016. Each member co-op has one vote in the election. Ballots are sent to the account managers and available for all members to read at the CGN website.

Here are statements from the three candidates:

Erika Gavin 

Hanover Co-op Food Stores New Hampshire and Vermont

Art Director—Graphic Design, Marketing, and Social Media

I am interested in expanding awareness of all that Cooperative Grocer Network offers. The website has discussion spaces and resources that are beneficial to employees throughout a cooperative, if they know about it. I would like to see the discussion spaces become active platforms, with many voices contributing thoughts and ideas. 

I firmly believe in the cooperative business model and want to play a role in expanding and strengthening the collaboration of food cooperatives. From the smallest to the largest, co-ops have had successes and failures that other co-ops can learn from. Having a network to bounce ideas off of can help guide a vision and solidify a plan.

Annie Hoy

Ashland Food Co-op, Ashland, Oregon

Marketing and Outreach Manager

CGN is a one-stop shop for all educational and inspirational materials that co-ops across the country have contributed and continue to contribute. It brings us together virtually and is there whenever we have questions for our peers. Its full potential of becoming “CCMA Every Day” has not yet been met. I'd like to see us get continually closer to that vision.

CGN needs the consistency of having a board with experience with the organization and its special needs. I admire each of my fellow board members for their expertise and contributions to CGN. It takes a dedicated team, and I have always wanted to be on this board since attending my first CGIN Annual Meeting at CCMA in Boston. I can offer this organization my continued leadership and support, a deep understanding of our food cooperative system, and a bottomless well of enthusiasm.

It has been a pleasure serving for the past three years. There is still so much more to learn. In many ways, the real fun has just begun.

Eric Struve

Outpost Natural Foods: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Director of Information Technology

CGN has seen many different eras in the co-op world—from the email listserv days, through the advent of social media, into the current environment of constant communication. Now more than ever, cooperators need each other, and CGN is still well situated to be the central hub for collaboration among cooperatives.

My three years on the board have felt like turning a battleship; we launched a new website, transitioned to a new executive director, and focused on the needs of our users in new and exciting ways. In that time, I’ve been gratified to leverage my technical and management experience, and I’m excited for the opportunity to keep steaming ahead!

The top image on this page is from the AIGA "Get Out the Vote" campaign, where there are downloadable posters and materials encouraging us all to register and vote in upcoming elections. http://www.aiga.org/get-out-the-vote/

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