The view from the other side of the White River


When the Hanover Co-op approached us with the idea of opening a branch store right across the river from us, we were in the final negotiation process to buy our own building. In fact, we signed the papers the day before they opened their store!

Partly because Hanover moved in (scary!) and was so helpful (comforting), and partly because we now own an 18,600-square-foot building complex, our co-op has been energized to start a nine-month visioning process. We will gather ideas from staff, co-op members, and the community; further define our niche in the community; form a five-year plan; and hold a capital campaign. We will develop our unique building to become the best possible resource for our community, enhancing our reputation as "the organic co-op" and as a burgeoning Community Education Center.

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