This Woman Is Taking On The $120 Billion Cheese Industry

This past March more than 80,000 people descended upon Anaheim, CA. But they weren't their to see Mickey Mouse, this crowd was destined for the Natural Products Expo West – the top trade show in the United States for natural, organic, and healthy products. Each year Expo West features over 3,000 natural & specialty food, organic, supplement, pet product, and health & beauty companies, with numbers trending upward every year.

With concerns around climate change, healthy lifestyle, and animal welfare at the forefront of today’s consumer consciousness, brands everywhere are stepping up to meet the demand. U.S. Nutrition industry sales have more than doubled since 2007, reaching well over $200 billion in 2017, reports New Hope Network.

And if there is a truism in the world of startups it’s that where consumer demand goes, Venture Capital follows. Since 2014 there has been a 1245% increase in financings for Nutrition, Biotech and Agtech (New Hope Network). In 2017, Agtech specifically saw more than $1.5 billion deployed and more than 300 distinct investors in over 160 deals. This is in drastic contrast to the 31 deals and less than $200 million invested only a decade ago in 2007 ...

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by Vanessa Dawson, Forbes

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