Workplace Conflict Policy

from the HR Team at CDS Consulting Co-op
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Find a workplace conflict policy, a conflict resolution request form, and advice about using the policy (FAQ) from the Human Resources team at CDS Consulting Co-op. You may need to customize this policy to the organizational structure of your co-op. 

This procedure covers conflicts with coworkers, your direct supervisor or co-op management in general, and is available to all current co-op employees and to former employees within 10 days of separation from the co-op. However, for cases of harassment, discrimination, or retaliation, you are encouraged to follow the complaint procedure outlined in the Co-op’s [Harassment Policy].

You have a right to use all steps of this procedure without fear of retaliation. Retaliation consists of an adverse action (termination, discipline, refusal to hire or promote) by management because you used the conflict resolution procedure. Retaliation is not a feeling of discomfort or awkwardness on the part of either employee or manager, in communicating after an employee has used the procedure.

At any point, you are encouraged to talk to the Human Resources Manager [if applicable] for advice. Prior to further action being taken, HR may conduct an initial investigation to identify any relevant facts related to the situation.

First, every employee is empowered to seek resolution directly or with the individual who has the authority to solve the problem. This is not a required first step, and you are not foreclosed from other conflict resolution options if you don’t use this part of the process.

Additionally, you may choose to submit a Conflict Resolution Request Form to [HR Manager/Store Manager/GM]. This will result in a meeting with HR, your direct supervisor and the GM/Store Manager. Before this meeting takes place, the HR manager may investigate by talking with you and other parties involved in the issue. You may use this meeting to explain and discuss your concerns, and may attend this meeting individually or with other staff members. No later than 1 week after the meeting, you will receive a [written/verbal] response from the HR manager/Store Manager/GM.

If you remain unsatisfied with the results following the first Conflict Resolution Meeting, you may resubmit your Conflict Resolution Request Form to request a meeting with the entire [Management Team]. This meeting will occur within 1 week or by the time of the next management team meeting, whichever comes later. You may use this meeting to explain and discuss your concerns, and may attend this meeting individually or with other staff members. After you present your concerns and answer questions from other managers, the [Management Team] will engage in a thorough discussion and the [General Manager] will decide whether to change the original decision and provide a [verbal/written] response to the employee within 1 week of the meeting.

By the HR Team of CDS Consulting Co-op & Heather Wright, WrightJones PLC, 2016

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