Chris Quinn

Renovations Inc.
Chris Quinn was a principal in the consulting firm Renovations, Inc.

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"Do everything in your power to ensure the quality of your products and services before marketing your business," recommends the author of Guerrilla

015 February - March - 1988 June 8, 2004

Your store is bursting at the seams, customers are elbow to elbow, merchandise is falling off the old wooden shelves.

011 June - July - 1987 January 9, 2004

In our last article, we proposed ground rules for remodeling your store.

012 August - November - 1987 January 9, 2004

Why implement an inventory control system? For one thing, it can reduce the cost of running your business. Furthermore, it can improve customer service through lower out of stocks.

017 June - July - 1988 January 9, 2004

The job of promoting your co-op encompasses everyone involved in the business. Employees, board members and even member/shoppers participate in marketing the co-op.

014 December - January - 1988 January 9, 2004



  • Group items by commodity
  • Consolidate to increase impact
  • Complement products

Disperse volume

022 April - June - 1989 January 9, 2004

The story behind the creation of Weaver Street Market, a new community owned natural foods store in Carrboro, North Carolina, reads like a modern co-op fairy tale.

021 February - March - 1989 January 9, 2004

Price, profitability and productivity probably weigh heaviest on the decisions made by a grocery store manager.

041 July - August - 1992 January 9, 2004