Corinne Shindelar

Natural Food Retailers Association

Corinne Shindelar is a former food co-op manager and is executive director of Natural Foods Retailers Association.

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Not a day goes by when the savvy retailer hasn't asked: How will my store continue to compete in an industry as dynamic as natural foods?

086 January - February - 2000 January 8, 2004

In May of 2000, general managers of the Twin Cities Natural Food Co-ops (TCNFC) approved a proposal for new program, Leadership Development Training.

102 September - October - 2002 January 7, 2004
Joint Purchasing, Ready or Not! How to Sing "The Night They Drove Expenses Down" in Three-Part Harmony 0&&parent.frames.length) {
105 March - April - 2003 January 7, 2004