Jonathan McGoran

Jon McGoran
Weavers Way Co-op

Jonathan McGoran is communications director at Weavers Way Co-op in Philadelphia, Penn., and author of Drift, an ecological thrill from Tor/Forge Books, July 2013.

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Of the many startup food co-ops in and around Philadelphia, the furthest along, and the one with which Weavers Way has worked most closely, is CreekSide Co-op, which opened for business in November

164 Jan-Feb 2013 February 20, 2013

By 2007, Weavers Way Co-op was a Philadelphia neighborhood institution, with a growing urban farm program, expanding partnerships with local schools, nearly 3,000 member households, and annual sale

164 Jan-Feb 2013 February 20, 2013

Walking down the rows of raised beds, blanketed now with cover crops and a light morning frost, it’s hard to believe that just a few weeks earlier the Weavers Way Farm was bustling with volunteers

134 Jan - Feb - 2008 January 19, 2009

Weavers Way Co-op, like many co-ops, has always taken pride in a feeling of community, a culture of trust, and a way of doing things that was a little bit different from everybody else.

115 November - December - 2004 February 11, 2005