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June 10, 2016

  • 6:53 pm EDT

    Hi All, 

    Our retail support team has been thinking about charging for paper bags. We do not have plastic bags and currently provide a $.10 refund for each reusable bag a customer brings. That refund can be donated to the local organization of the month or kept by patrons. This system of rewarding customers for bringing their own bags has been great, but with prices continuing to increase we thought we'd reach out to all of you fine folks for feedback. 

    Have any of you switched to charging for bags recently? If so, can you share pros/cons and benefits/problems with the transition? Also, any information on how you went about making the change (in terms of publicity, building good will, etc.) would be helpful. I was able to find Chico's report from 2012 which is helpful, but the more experiences we can glean from, the better. Also, if anyone from Chico has anything to add to the 2012 update I'd love to hear it!

    Thanks in advance for your cooperation and support!

    Misty Amarena

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