CCMA - the annual conference for food cooperatives

The Consumer Cooperative Management Association (CCMA) began in 1957 as a kind of weekend retreat for consumer co-op managers and their spouses.  Co-ops represented included grocery co-ops formed in the 1930s and 1940s plus major co-ops in other sectors, such as Nationwide Insurance and Recreational Equipment Inc.

In the 1980s, older generation grocery co-ops were declining while a “new wave” of consumer food co-ops had sprung up, and representatives of the new co-ops began attending CCMA.  The annual gathering rotated among the locations of leading co-ops, such as Hanover, Berkeley, Chicago, Seattle, and Minneapolis, and the number of attendees grew to more one hundred co-op managers, directors, and educators.  The National Co-op Bank and National Cooperative Business Association brought a cross-sector perspective, but other attendees came almost entirely from consumer food co-ops.

The CCMA conference is a program of the National Cooperative Business Association, which has contracted for planning and administration of the conference.  From the early 1990s to 2014, CCMA conference planning was led by Ann Hoyt and support staff at the University of Wisconsin, most recently through the UW Urban Cooperative Initiative.  In 2015 and subsequently, CCMA has been organized inhouse by the NCBA. Information can be found at:

CCMA has evolved into a 3-day gathering of three or four hundred food co-op managers, directors, educators, and consultants, plus their national allies. At CCMA, speakers and trainers from outside the food co-op sector supplement the contributions of local and national co-ops.  The annual conference, held in early June, is rotated among East/Central/West regions. 

Past Conferences

  • 2016 – Amherst, Massachusetts – Disrupting the Future: Cooperative Food and the Next Generation
  • 2015 – Boise, Idaho – Break Through:  Innovate. Grow. Lead
  • 2014 – Madison, Wisconsin – Forward!
  • 2013 – Austin, Texas – Deep in the Heart of Co-ops
  • 2012 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Declaration of Independence: We Own It
  • 2011 – San Diego – Surf's Up: Catch the Co-op Wave
  • 2010 – Bloomington, Indiana – Love What We Do and Do What We Love
  • 2009 – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – By Art and Design: Thriving in Trying Times
  • 2008 – Portland, Oregon – Grow Co-op: Expanding Stores, Building Communities
  • 2007 – LaCrosse, Wisconsin – The Red Queen’s Race
  • 2006 – Atlanta, Georgia – Golden Delicious: CCMA’s 50th Year
  • 2005 – Albuquerque, New Mexico – Who’s on First?: The Value of Values
  • 2004 – Minneapolis, Minnesota – Play it Again, Sam
  • 2003 – Lexington, Kentucky – Humpty Dumpty Rocks
  • 2002 – Eureka, California – Think Virtual, Act Real
  • 2001 – Chicago, Illinois – The Velocity of Cooperation
  • 2000 – Boston, Massachusetts – Collaboration Meets Competition
  • 1999 – Portland, Oregon – Cooperation Unbound!
  • 1998 – Cleveland, Ohio – Dantotsu: The Best of the Best
  • 1997 – Alexandria, Virginia – Dancing with the Red Queen: Two-stepping Between Evolution and Extinction
  • 1996 – Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Embracing Change: Cooperation for the Next Generation
  • 1995 – Sacramento, California – Viva the Cooperative Difference
  • 1994 – Atlanta, Georgia – Community Needs and Cooperative Response: The Will & The Way
  • 1993 – Minneapolis – Vision and Values: Building the Co-op Food Sector
  • 1992 – Seattle, Washington – Interact for Action
  • 1991 – Brattleboro, Vermont – What's for Sale: Co-ops, Consumers, and Community
  • 1990 – Madison – What’s for Sale: Co-ops, Consumers, & Community
  • 1989 – Davis, California
  • 1988 – Iowa City, Iowa
  • 1987 – Baltimore, Maryland – Reinventing the Cooperative
  • 1986 – Baltimore, Maryland – Cooperatives: We Mean Business
  • 1985 – Chicago, Illinois – Revitalizing the Cooperative Advantage
  • 1984 – Minneapolis, Minnesota – Cooperative Technology: Retooling for success
  • 1983 – Chicago, Illinois – Where is the Consumer in the Co-op?
  • 1982 – Seattle, Washington – Trouble in the Food Sector
  • 1981 – Berkeley, California – Keynote speech by Jerry Voorhis
  • 1980 – Hanover, New Hampshire

Cooperative Excellence Awards
The Howard Bowers Fund/CCMA awards for Cooperative Excellence are given for excellence in the food co-op community.  They are an opportunity for you to recognize outstanding food co-ops, your colleagues, your board members, and outstanding programs and systems developed by consumer cooperatives.

Formerly known as the CCMA awards, the program is now under the sponsorship of the Cooperative Development Foundation through its Howard Bowers Fund for Consumer Cooperatives. 

  • Cooperative Service:  In recognition of dedicated leadership and exemplary service by an individual to a food co-op or co-op.
  • Cooperative Innovation/Achievement:  In recognition of the innovative application of the co-op business structure to a co-op, an innovative program or service, or outstanding achievement by a food co-op.
  • Cooperative Excellence:  In recognition of a food co-op that has made significant progress in meeting the needs of members through growth in net sales and earnings, initiation of new and innovative programs, and expansion of member services.
  • Cooperative Board Service:  In recognition of outstanding dedication and leadership.
  • Cooperative Startup of the Year: In recognition of a successful startup

Awardees are selected by an awards committee made up of leaders in the food co-op community.

In past years, the food cooperative community has honored the following individuals and co-ops:

Cooperative Service:  In recognition of dedicated leadership and exemplary service by an individual to a cooperative or cooperatives.
  • 2015 – Terry Appleby, veteran co-op manager and regional/national leader; and Alex Gyori, veteran co-op manager and regional/national leader
  • 2014 – Ann Hoyt, visionary national and international educator, and trainer
  • 2013 – Ruffin Slater, visionary leader, astute strategic thinker and innovator, and dedicated advocate of the cooperative business model.
  • 2012 – Carolee Colter, for 30 years of developing food co-op managers so they are able to create the positive workplace culture that allows staff to flourish
  • 2011 – Amber and Nicole Sallaberry, for their establishment of the first food co-op in Nevada, along with a farm distribution center
  • 2010 – Nancy Cassady, for her combination of compassion and business sense
  • 2009 – Dan Nordley, for 35 years of support for individual co-ops and national network
  • 2008 – Margaret Lund, building NCDF into the premier cooperative development loan fund
  • 2007 – Kris Nelson, for her vision and leadership to grow and diversify Lakewinds into one of the largest natural food co-ops in the Midwest
  • 2006 – Michelle Schry, for her work as a co-op manager and NCGA board member and for her dedication to the food co-op sector and her colleagues in it
  • 2005 – Holly Jarvis, for a career of leadership and dedicated service to the food co-op sector, as an innovative and successful co-op manager, and as board chair of NCGA throughout its transition
  • 2004 – Gail Graham, for her success in improving profitability and leading expansion and relocation efforts at three co-ops in the Minneapolis area: The Wedge, Seward Co-op and Mississippi Market
  • 2003 – Paul Cultrera, for twenty years of dedicated leadership among co-ops across the country
  • 2003 – Alex Gyori, for twenty years of dedicated leadership among co-ops across the country
  • 2002 – Bob Davis, for his outstanding service providing many years of dedicated leadership to cooperatives in Greenbelt and other communities
  • 2002 – Bill Gessner, for his creative and complete dedication to the growth of consumer cooperatives over many years of service
  • 2001 – Pam Mehnert, for her positive influence on cooperatives nationwide
  • 2000 – Dan Foley, for his leadership and visionary contributions to the local, regional, and national food cooperative community
  • 1999 – Marilyn Scholl, for demonstrated commitment to the growth and development of consumer co-ops in over 20 years of service
  • 1998 – Nick Masullo, for 22 years of service to the cooperative movement
  • 1997 – Karl Kruger, for over 40 years of service to the cooperative movement
  • 1996 – Theresa Steig, for dedicated leadership and exemplary service to food cooperatives and the entire U.S. cooperative movement
  • 1995 – David J. Thompson, for his dedicated leadership and exemplary service to the national and international cooperative movements
  • 1994 – Karen Zimbelman, for her dedicated leadership to consumer cooperatives across the country
  • 1993 – Terry Simonette, for his efforts to build a viable cooperative food distribution system in the U.S.
Cooperative Innovation/Achievement:
  • 2014 – Cooperative Board Leadership Development program by CDS Consulting Co-op
  • 2009 – La Montanita Cooperative for creating a highly successful co-op system in New Mexico
  • 2008 – Sacramento Natural Food Co-op for pulling together to grow sales and retire debt while remaining cashflow positive, saving the cooperative.
  • 2006 – Davis Food Co-op for their “Carrots in the Classroom” program.
  • 2005 – Tak Tang, for his vision, technical skills, and leadership in the development of key components of an IT infrastructure for co-op operations.
  • 2004 – Stuart Reid, called a “renaissance man” is recognized for his commitment to cooperatives and for his efforts to build business relationships between food co-ops and farmer co-ops in developing countries.
  • 2003 – Community Food Co-op, Bozeman, Mont., for its strongly successful retail operation that is deeply embedded in its community.
  • 2002 – Corinne Shindelar, for her vision and leadership at numerous cooperative organizations in creating innovative programs that have resulted in strong, vibrant consumer cooperatives.
  • 2001 – Weaver Street Market, for its innovative worker and consumer-owned structure and community outreach.
  • 2000 – Walden Swanson, for the development of the innovative and practical CoCoFiSt Program.
  • 1999 – Federation of Ohio River Cooperatives, for the achievement of a successful merger with Northeast Cooperatives.
  • 1997 – Northeast Cooperative, for the Management on Contract Program.
  • 1996 – New Pioneer Co-op, for 25 years of inspiration and innovation.
  • 1995 – David Barry, for devoting 21 years to the nurturing of food cooperatives in New England.
  • 1994 – Midwest Cooperative Grocers Association, for their commitment to strengthening cooperatives, improving service to their members and promoting the principle of “Cooperation Among Cooperatives.”
  • 1993 – North Coast Cooperative, Inc., for incorporating an innovative recycling program within the cooperative and providing community leadership in recycling education.
Cooperative Excellence: (Retailer of the Year)
  • 2015 – People's Food Co-op (La Crosse and Rochester)
  • 2014 – River Valley Market
  • 2013 – Lexington Cooperative Market
  • 2012 – Ashland Food Co-op
  • 2012 – Putney Food Co-op
  • 2011 – Seward Grocery Co-op & Deli
  • 2010 – Wheatsville Co-op (Austin, TX)
  • 2009 – Valley Natural Foods (Burnsville, MN)
  • 2008 – Onion River Co-op/City Market (Burlington, VT)
  • 2007 – Ozark Natural Foods (Fayetteville, AR)
  • 2006 – Whole Foods (Duluth, MN)
  • 2004 – Community Mercantile Cooperative
  • 2003 – Williamson (Willy) Street Co-op
  • 2001 – Hanover (NH) Consumers Cooperative
  • 2000 – Co-opportunity Consumers Cooperative
  • 1999 – Lakewinds Natural Foods Co-op
  • 1998 – Puget Consumers’ Co-op
  • 1997 – Outpost Natural Foods Co-op
  • 1996 – Brattleboro Food Co-op
  • 1995 – Weavers Way Cooperative Assn.
  • 1994 – Sacramento Natural Foods Cooperative
  • 1993 – Wedge Community Food Co-op
Board Service:
  • 2015 – Jennifer Nalbone, Lexington Co-op
  • 2014 – Jade Barker, River Valley Market Co-op
  • 2013 – Rose Marie Klee, for her leadership and dedication to using cooperatives to make a better world
    2013 – Steven Maviglio, for exemplary board leadership in a challenging time
  • 2012 – Richard Ellsworth, for his steady, wise, creative, questioning, open, supportive, and inspiring leadership.
  • 2012 – Leslie Watson, for her leadership from start-up to a model food co-op that serves its community.
  • 2009 – Gail Bartlett, in recognition of her wisdom and leadership at Blue Hill Cooperative.
  • 2008 – Martha Whitman, in recognition of her years in management and Board service, and as Board President, La Montanita Co-op in Albuquerque, NM.
  • 2006 – Bentley Lein, in recognition of six years of leadership as member and President of the board of People’s Food Co-op (LaCrosse) and as a mentor to other board presidents.
  • 2006 – Robert Noble, in recognition of eight years of leadership as member and President of the board of Weavers Way Cooperative, during which he helped re-establish the Cooperative as a vibrant and healthy organization that is an asset to its community.
  • 2005 – Beth Skinner, in recognition of eight years of leadership and dedicated service as President of the Board of Berkshire Co-op Market.
Startup of the Year:
  • 2015 – Durham Co-op Market
  • 2014 – Fairbanks Co-op Market Grocery & Deli
  • 2013 – Monadnock Food Co-op

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