Relocation and Expansion Toolbox

This toolbox has been created as an aid for co-op managers, project managers and boards of directors who are beginning to plan for the expansion or relocation of their businesses.

This manual covers the following:

* Expansion Survey Results: The Survivors Speak
* Assessing Feasibility
* Are you ready? Assessing Your Cooperative's Capacity for Change, Growth, and Expansion
* Primary Tools for Managing your Expansion Project
* Speaking of Sources: The Role of Lenders
* Lease or Buy? Renovate or Build New?
* players, Participants, Stakeholders in a Cooperative Expansion or Relocation Project: Cultivating Stakeholder Support
* Staff Development
* The Fifth Stage: Open for Business
* Roles and Responsibilities in Expansion and Relocation Projects
* Working Effectively with Consultants

Written by Bill Gessner and published by Northcountry Cooperative Development Fund. Currently distributed by National Co+op Grocers (NCG).

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced without the prior written permission of National Co+op Grocers (NCG), except for the inclusion of brief quotations in an acknowledged review. Co-ops that purchase this manual electronically may store it electronically and print copies for sharing with other staff or officials of that co-op only. Sharing this manual with individuals or organizations outside of the purchasing co-op is expressly forbidden. 

To make a copy available to a partner organization (non-profit or for-profit), please either have that organization purchase their own copy. 

To purchase this resource, simply email a request with invoicing information to: [email protected], or call 612-436-9166

Price: $55 for CGN members. 
Price: $60 for non-CGN members.


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Created date: February 16, 2009
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