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“We need to develop new processes of collective storytelling across sectors to navigate turbulent times and foster systems change.”

~Ella Saltmarshe "Using Stories to Change Systems"

Co-operatives around the country are creating opportunities for Americans to tell a story of unity amidst diversity. While the popular media continues to tell stories that polarize the nation, food co-ops are working together to provide access to nourishing food in their communities, worker co-ops are creating equity in the workplace and housing co-ops are providing cost-effective living alternatives for young and old alike.

“CO-OP NATION: stories of Cooperation is a documentary series that highlights the positive impact cooperatives are making across the board to ensure a future where our children thrive. Learn more at

Our first collection of stories highlights 8 key ways food Co-ops are meeting the needs of communities around the country.   Our first episode, “Earth Conscious” will be released in July of 2018.  This episode highlights the environmental design of PFC Grocery & Deli’s new building and the cooperative process they used to include all owners in the visioning process.

Below you’ll find a short video introduction to all 8 of these important elements of a food co-op.    

Episode Release Schedule:

July 2018: “Earth Conscious” – People’s Food Co-op – Kalamazoo, MI

August 2018: “Local First” – Willy Street Food Co-op – Madison, WI

September 2018: “Organic” – Co-op Partners Wharehouse & Wedge Co-op – Minneapolis, MN

October 2018: “Notoriously Generous” – TBD

November 2018: “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs” – TBD

December 2018: “Food Waste” – TBD

January 2019: “Global Food Justice” – TBD

February 2019: “Democracy in Action” – TBD

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