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Thrive Payments is a family owned payment processor with 35 years of experience helping our clients receive credit and debit card payments. We build partnerships based on delivering aggressive pricing, exceptional customer service and industry leading data security. Thrive understands how important and fundamental merchant services are to the success of your business, so we have tailored a solution with the specific needs of the Co-op grocer in mind.
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Redwood Hill Farm
Visit our website at Redwood Hill Farm

Redwood Hill Farm is an award-winning, Humane Certified®, Grade A goat dairy farm and creamery located in Sonoma County, California. Family owned and operated, we are committed to making the best tasting and least processed artisan goat milk cheese, yogurt and kefir.

Easily digested because they are made with goat milk, we also want our products to be as natural and unprocessed as possible. We do not standardize or remove anything from our our goat milk. Our products are free of sugar, artificial coloring, preservatives, or powdered milk. One taste will convince you that our products are different. Many people consider Redwood Hill Farm & Creamery goat milk, artisan cheese, yogurt and kefir to be the best tasting they've ever tried.

For you and your family, we’ve also created rich, creamy Green Valley Organics Lactose Free real dairy cow milk yogurt, kefir and sour cream. Unlike other lactose free options there is no compromise on taste. They’re simply delicious by any standard. Humane Certified® Kosher and made from organic ingredients, our fresh and flavorful, lactose free dairy foods will make you feel good inside. And with all their protein, calcium and Flourish®, our proprietary blend of 10 live & active cultures, they’re as good for the body as they are for the soul.

Our company has been committed to sustainable practices and digestive health for 45 years. So when we say it, you can believe it. Give peace (in your stomach) a chance.