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In 1976, a small group of community members founded a buying club to bring organic food to Brooklyn. Since then, Flatbush Food Co-op has established itself as a cooperative business that works to serve its neighbors and community. 

Our commitment to wholesome foods includes selling only organic produce, focusing on local foods, and providing vegan and gluten-free products.

dedication to convenience and service means our store is open when you need it and staffed with helpful and knowledgeable community members.

Everyone can shop, and anyone can join!

By becoming a member-owner you enjoy the many benefits of democratic participation in a community-owned business. 

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Flatbush Food Co-op is a CGN EVERGREEN member—a co-op doing more than $8 million a year in business.

Location Hours
Flatbush Food Co-op
1415 Cortelyou Rd
Brooklyn, NY 11226
Phone: 718-284-9717

Open 7 days a week
6am – midnight

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