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In October 2015, a small group of community members came together to talk about the possibility of developing a food co-op in the Grand Rapids area. From the beginning, the mission at the forefront of the conversation was how to strengthen the local food system in the community, and how to better support our local growers and producers. During the process, the group has evolved from a handful of people just trying to wrap their minds around how to even begin, to an incorporated entity with hundreds of owners, and a growing organizing team.

Our food co-op is being built by a volunteer organizing team and board of directors who are completing the business tasks, in addition to community outreach tasks in order to raise awareness to the co-op and build ownership.  We are working closely with Food Co-op Initiative, which is a non-profit organization that's sole mission is to help advise, mentor and offer resources to start-up food co-ops.  

We are following a development timeline that includes five stages that lay out both the critical tasks and ownership goals that must be completed before we move on to the next stage. The development process for starting a modern co-op is 3-5 years, with 5 years being typical.  


  • A member-owned grocery store that will work to form relationships with growers and producers to provide increased access to local foods and goods. 
  • Provide a foundation for educational activities, enhancing health and well-being in our community. 
  • Strengthen the local economy by providing fair wages and long term job opportunities for area residents.
  • Promote environmental stewardship and serve as a hub for sustainability within the community. 

Free Range Food Co-op is a CGN Seedling Member, a food co-op startup seeking to open a store.


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Free Range Food Co-op
PO Box 842
Grand Rapids , MI 55744

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