Herb Pharm

On March 8, 1979, Herb Pharm was officially established as a bona fide business in Williams, Oregon. From the beginning, our mission has been unwavering:

We are committed to providing the highest quality herbal products possible, educating people on the safe & effective use of medicinal herbs, & inspiring a love for plants and respect for Nature.

Back in the early days, our "lab" was the home of Ed Smith and Sara Katz, the company's founders and owners. Bottles were filled one-by-one with a beaker, and labels were manually typed. Ed and Sara are still owners of Herb Pharm, and are involved in the operations of the company. We now have an 85-acre certified organic herb farm (called the "Pharm Farm"), employ over 75 people, and sell products to health food stores, Herbalists, Naturopathic Physicians, and Medical Doctors worldwide.

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