Board of Directors Meeting - 29 January 2007

PRESENT: Steve Cooke, John Eichholz, Dan Gillotte, Gail Graham, Jean Helms, Deirdrie Lang, Doug Walter, Bella Waters and Karen Zimbelman.


  • The meeting was called to order at 10:03 a.m. (PDT) by Gail Graham.
  • The agenda was approved as presented.
  • Minutes will be reviewed at the next regular board meeting.


1) Advertising and recruitment KZ sent the RFP directly to Richard Dines at NCB, Stuart Reid, Paul Hazen at NCBA, Robynn Schrader and Kelly Smith at NCGA, Jim Jones of NASCO, Dan Nordley at TriPark, and Walden Swanson. The RFP has been sent out over all three CGIN listserves and has been posted on the job announcement page of the website. It will also be posted to the CGIN announcement page and the help wanted section of Cooperative Grocer magazine. Gail will send it to Kevin at CDS and KZ will check with Art Jaeger at NCBA. All directors are encouraged to send it directly to those who might be interested. KZ has received a few inquiries

2) Hiring committee Gail, Dan and Steve will be the hiring committee. They will handle first review of proposals, follow-up interviews, and prepare a recommendation for the full board. The full board will do a final interview. The committee will be in charge of creating a matrix to review proposals and conduct phone calls to discuss the proposals. All directors will have access to the matrix and proposals prior to final interviews.

3) Timeline and process Proposals are due March 15th. Further specifics and deadlines for the hiring process will be determined later. All directors agree that proposals will be handled confidentially. As for a transition plan, KZ and Bella are prepared to maintain the current progress of CGIN until the board has found the correct Executive Director, with preference on sooner rather than later. If no one is found by CCMA, KZ will require some assistance with the meeting.


Importance of co-op familiarity Highlights of this discussion:

  • Organizational knowledge is very important along with the contractor’s desire to learn more about co-ops.
  • The goals set by the board point to someone with a fair bit of familiarity with co-ops already
  • Given the budget limitations, the new contractor won’t be able to visit other co-op organizations such as NCBA, NCGA, etc. So having some knowledge of these players already would be valuable as there’s not much chance to get acquainted with them otherwise.
  • It’s okay to cast a wider net with the RFP as the hiring committee process will determine who is eligible or not through its screening process.

Security and other policy concerns KZ reminded all that CGIN’s security system is a very integral part of the way the site works now and with members’ assumptions about access to the materials that they share. To date, CGIN has never allowed “temporary” access or made an exception to the “member only” limit to access the site. Doug and another director, to be determined, with work on some recommended policies to make this explicit. This could also include a conflict of interest policy. KZ and Steve will prepare some internal control guidelines

Prioritize needs The board felt that organizational skills outweigh the technological skills. It would be nice for the new contractor to be familiar with new and emerging technology and applications from a user perspective, but it’s not the board’s expectation that the new contractor be able to take over as CGIN’s webmaster


Upcoming meetings:
26 March 2007 conference call at 10:00 PST
14 May 2007 conference call at 10:00 PST

Board moved into executive session at 11:58 a.m.

Minutes by Bella Waters

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