Board of Directors Meeting - 26 March 2007


Steve Cooke, John Eichholz, Dan Gillotte, Gail Graham, Deirdrie Lang, Doug Walter, Bella Waters and Karen Zimbelman.


  • The meeting was called to order at 10:04 a.m. (PDT) by Gail Graham.
  • The agenda was approved as presented.
  • Minutes of the meeting of 18 December 2006 and 29 January 2007:

M/S: Doug/John: approve the minutes as presented. Approved unanimously.


Operations report. The board reviewed KZ’s operations report. Specific items discussed:

  • task list review: Dan will send nominating packet to Gail, Steve and Doug.
  • membership and renewal review: Deactivated 13 members due to non-payment. It’s likely that we’ll have at least two non-renewals.
  • web content and services: Timing is not right for launching a board of directors discussion board.
  • web support services: The webmaster’s main focus is now to synchronize pages and menus, which will include links to the online posting form.
  • financials: Things look fine.
  • strategic planning: Meeting will be held 13 June starting at 10 am, for about six hours. Goal is to review plan and priorities with new contractor. Will need an alternate plan in case the new contractor isn’t available.


1. Hiring committee report and transition: The committee met after this call to determine next steps. The board liked the screening matrix sent by Gail. Everyone will send comments on all proposals to the hiring committee by early next week. The committee will provide a recommended finalist to the board, the full board will conduct an interview of the finalist, and then the board will strive to make a unanimous decision.


1. Nominating committee report: Dan has sent out requests and reminders for nominations. Have only received solid confirmation from current board members. There are four seats available – three with terms expiring in 2010 and one with a term expiring in 2008. The lowest vote getter will be elected to the term expiring in 2008. The NC will extend the deadline for candidate interest to try to find two more candidates. The ballot will be sent out the first of May and KZ reminded the NC that she needs a statement and photo for each candidate in time for the ballot mailing.
M/S: Doug/Steve: Include the vacant seat, with a term expiring in 2008, in the 2007 election. Approved unanimously.

2. Meeting schedule and planning: Already discussed. Details for the annual meeting will be worked out at a later date.

Upcoming meetings:

  • 9 April 2007 conference call at 10:00 PST – finalist interview
  • 16 April 2007 conference call at 10:00 PST – finalist interview
  • 23 April 2007 conference call at 11:00 PST – if needed
  • 14 May 2007 conference call at 10:00 PST
  • 13 June 2007 strategic planning session
  • 14 June 2007 annual meeting

Meeting adjourned at 11:20 a.m. PST.
Minutes by Bella Waters

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