Board of Directors Meeting- 17 March 2008

PRESENT: Steve Cooke, John Eichholz, Dan Gillotte, Gail Graham, Deirdrie Lang, and Doug Walter and Karen Zimbelman.

STAFF: Ben Nauman, Chris von Rabenau, Bella Waters, and Steve Wolfe.

1. The meeting was called to order at 10:05 a.m. (PDT) by Dan Gillotte
2. The agenda was rearranged to discuss financials prior to the operations report
3. Minutes of the meeting of 17 December 2007: M/S: Doug/Dan: approve the minutes. Approved unanimously.

Operations report. The board reviewed the operations report briefly. Specific items discussed:


  • Financials: Steve Wolfe would like to move the financial reporting from a cash basis to accrual. Accrual reporting would have showed 2007 ending with a profit of ~$1800. Steve will also work on reformatting the financial statements so they are easy to read.

M/S: Steve/Dan: approve change from cash basis to accrual basis reporting with a cash flow statement. Approved unanimously.

  • Web content: There’s interest in discussing the updating/revisions of the Basic Retail Operations Manuals with Ann Hoyt. Possible CGIN/NCGA partnership.
  • Member survey compilation: The board felt there were more comments regarding the openness of the CGIN listserve, then in prior years. Perhaps a timing issue? John stated that people need to be accepting of others thoughts, opinions, and this is just the nature of having a public listserve to discuss co-ops.
  • Site statistics: Board was thankful for the explanation regarding the new statistics software. The thought behind the dramatic increase in average length per sessions was people checking out the new site, rather than members having a difficult time locating items. Perhaps the previous software was not compiling the length correctly.
  • Progress report: 2008 goals: Glad to hear there’s already a CGIN to member survey in place and that works has started on the member to member survey. Board prefers that individuals must register to fill out surveys.
  • Board discussion forum: Discussion included the possibility that GMs would inhibit discussion, but that GMs would be endlessly curious about what’s happening on the listserve. Bella will bring up the possibility of emeritus directors on the listserve. Board is overall happy that something is happening for board members.
  • Revised and new policies: Glad to have updated policies.

M/S: Gail/Dan: approve Hardship discount policy. Approved unanimously. M/S: John/Gail: approve remaining revised and new policies. Approved unanimously.

1. Nominating committee: NC has received one application is anticipating another. Quite happy to have two people for two seats.
2. Meeting schedule and planning: Focus for the planning session will be on process to evaluate the contract with NCGA and priorities for Team CGIN. Dan, Gail, John and Bella will work as a committee for the meeting details. Dan will send out call information to all directors incase you are interested in participating on the committee. Bella will find out more details from Ann on Thursday schedule. CGIN would like to hold the annual meeting prior to NCGA’s informative meeting. Need to focus on helping people understand the importance of attending the meeting.


Upcoming meetings:
12 May 2008
11 June 2008 – strategic planning session
12 June 2008 – annual meeting

minutes by Bella Waters

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