Board of Directors Meeting - 19 May 2011

PRESENT: John Eichholz, Dan Gillotte, Travis Hance, Jane Harter, Alysen Land and Deirdrie Lang

ABSENT: Doug Walter

STAFF: Bella Waters

1. The meeting was called to order at 11:09 a.m. (CDT) by Dan Gillotte
2. The agenda was approved
3. Minutes for the meeting of 21 April 2011 were approved:
M/S: Deirdrie/Alysen: approved the minutes as amended. Passed Harter and Hance abstained

Operations report. The board reviewed the operations report briefly and asked specific questions:

  • Task list review: reviewed the background request for a collaboration workplace section on CGIN.
  • Membership: The term ‘returning members’ refers to past members who let their CGIN membership drop and then renewed at a later time.
  • Current strategic priorities: 1.A – Bella provided an overview of how this system will work; 2.C – Bella provided an overview of how the Facebook promotions should work; 3.B – This refers to General Manager monitoring reports for their boards.
  • Financials: Statement of Cash Flow does not match up with Balance Sheet. Bella will send corrected financials.

Two candidates this year for two seats – Ben Nauman and Dan Gillotte. Online election is going as planned. Would have preferred a contested election, but the board understands that the committee worked hard and are appreciative of the new candidate. CGIN’s bylaws do not allow proxy voting, so there cannot be a nomination during the Annual meeting. Ben is currently NCGA’s Category Management Lead and does not provide any supervision of Bella.

Bella gave a brief summary of Jonathan Reinbold and will be sure that his information is available online. Committee needs to determine the two donation recipient organizations. Agenda for Annual Meeting will be revised to allow for announcement of donation recipients and opportunity for meeting attendees to pledge donations as well. Need to promote the speaker and meeting ahead of CCMA – Who is Jonathan Reinbold? Dan and Bella will discuss possibility of providing snacks and/or drinks at the meeting to further increase attendance.

Facilitation proposal. The board will try Doug’s proposal of hourly facilitation. Bella will be the time keeper.
Committee update/agenda. Board was updated on current speaker proposal. Discussion included:

  • Broader themed speakers were too expensive.
  • CGIN being a model for other co-ops internal communication
  • Concern about CGIN becoming irrelevant with the increasing technology if we do not continue to push forward and address people’s interest in other communication forums (Facebook, twitter, GoogleDocs, etc.)
  • Need to think boldly – position CGIN to be a resource/solution for technology at co-ops.
  • CGIN could manage people’s online cooperative life.
    There was interest in the board to continue working with current speaker to ensure our needs will be met with their presentation.


  • Jane discussed the state incorporation matrix comparison and its potential usefulness for start-ups and other co-ops discussing incorporation. Board felt it would be a useful CGIN project available in the Public Resources. Also a potential collaboration project between CGIN and Food Co-op Initiative. Bella will discuss the project with Stuart. Matrix would cover each state and a list of co-op knowledgeable lawyers, concerns about incorporating in that state and if the state participates in the Uniform Limited Cooperative Association Act, among other questions.
  • Bella spoke with Adam Schwartz from NCBA about CGIN’s relationship with CCMA. We’ll continue to hold our annual meeting and have a booth during CCMA in exchange for NCBA’s sponsorship of CGIN. Adam would like to encourage CGIN leadership to help promote NCBA membership for those CGIN members who are not NCBA members. It was suggested that NCBA membership be included on CGIN’s membership application.

Next meeting: Strategic Planning Session in San Diego – 15 June 9am Pacific (11am Central; 12pm Eastern)

Meeting ended 12:06 p.m. Central
Minutes by Bella Waters

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