LEADer #05 - 2009 Fall

Focus on Member Linkage

A deeper look at member linkage and our first issue to offer a “study guide” to help guide board discussions and further study

We are changing our approach with this issue of the LEADer. Find out why and review our suggestions for how you and your board can now use the LEADer to engage in discussions that will help you assess and plan for improvements in specific areas of board performance.

Who’s Minding the Members? – Philip Buri 
“Engaging with members would be much easier if there was a manual…. (T)his article suggests an approach that may help your co-op figure out an appropriate response (to this question.)”

Taking a Deeper Look at Member Linkage – Marcia Shaw with Cindy Owings
“In the array of strategies for linking with members, make sure the board employs some activities that are push oriented – in which the board puts out information it wants members to know – and some that are pull oriented – which allow members to generate the topics.”

Ask the BEST: Who Takes the Lead in Member Linkage?

Check It Out: Resources for More Information

Break It Down, Add It Up, Dive Into the Swirl – Martha Whitman and Cindy Owings
“Rather than fretting about whether you’re doing a good enough job, make a plan and break it down into manageable pieces. Your board is probably already doing more member linkage than you realize.”

Member Linkage Study Guide 
Six steps to conducting an assessment and developing a strategy for your co-op’s member linkage plan.

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Created date: September 1, 2009
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