LEADer #02 - 2008 Winter

Focus on Board/GM Relations

Building a strong board/GM partnership

Becoming a Great Boss – Martha Whitman and Philip Buri
“A great boss is a key ingredient in the overall health of the cooperative and great bosses don’t come about by accident. How can a board, as a group, become a great boss to the co-op’s general manager?”

What It Means to Have a New Boss Every Year: The GM View – Michele Adams
“General managers have a group of five to ten bosses overseeing their work – with new directors joining each year. What does a GM want from a board? How can boards help GMs do a better job without interfering?”

Please, Please Me: Tips for a Productive Board/GM Partnership – Marcia Shaw
“Does your general manager look forward to board meetings? Or does your GM dread the monthly tussle? What does it take for the general manager and the board to have a productive and enjoyable working relationship?”

Works for Us: Tell Me Why – Cindy Owings
Using their own model of governance by policy, the Community Food Co-op (Bozeman) board focuses on recruitment, building trust, and cultivating accountability to maintain a strong board/GM relationship. They also find that no term limits and a willingness to get outside help, have served their co-op well.

How Am I Doing? No Really! Giving (and Receiving) Useful Feedback – Paige Lettington
Every board needs to work at giving useful feedback to be effective. Here are seven key tips to making sure that the feedback you give, and receive, is helpful and constructive.

Why Don’t We Do It in the Road: A Parable in Board/GM Cooperation Lucinda Berdon
“Who would have thought that driving home from the Sacramento board training session in October would end up being an opportunity to learn some lessons in board/GM relations?” Here’s the story of what happened, and what Lucinda and Kelly (Quincy Natural Foods general manager and board member, respectively) learned as a result.

Trust Me! – Marcia Shaw
“What does it mean to be trusting or trustworthy, and how does the co-op board get there? How can board members work together to cultivate an environment of trust among themselves, and with the co-op’s manager?”

Ask the BEST: How Can the Board Provide Leadership without Micromanaging?

Reality Check: You’re Going to Lose That Girl – Martha Whitman
“Most board members don’t realize how complex and difficult the co-op general manager’s job truly is. Is your board treating your general manager in a way that makes him or her feel supported and valued?”

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