040 May - June - 1992

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May - June
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1 992

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It's a situation that many boards have wrestled with: how to measure and monitor an organization's performance beyond just the numbers from financial statements.

040 May - June - 1992 December 17, 2008

This is the story of a relocation project with more lives than a cat. It has been near death many times and has come within a whisker of being a disaster more times than I care to remember.

040 May - June - 1992 January 9, 2004
This article Is the second in a series on business planning, based on the how-to manual Business Planning for Cooperatives, by Cooperative Development Services.
040 May - June - 1992 January 9, 2004

We have much that we can be proud of. Co-ops in numerous towns and cities are active players in their community's environmental affairs.

040 May - June - 1992 January 9, 2004

Members of the Michigan Federation of Food Co-ops voted on February 29 to consolidate with North Farm Co-op, based in Madison, Wisconsin.

040 May - June - 1992 January 9, 2004