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Trust, local investment, and a strong and supportive food co-op.

Endcap Articles March 25, 2014

An impressive surge of expansion and new food co-ops is happening in many areas, and Maine is a great example.  The number of food co-ops in the state will soon double over recent years, it appears

Endcap Articles March 12, 2014

Local and regional food systems, organics, healthy food access, and rural development all received improved funding under the new farm bill as well as suffered from missed opportunities in the very

Endcap Articles February 14, 2014

A valuable discussion by members of GEO (Grassroots Economic Organizing) and readers of its website examines why a key company comprising part of the world’s strongest worker-owned complex in Mondr

Endcap Articles January 27, 2014

The Co-op Natural Foods Store in Sioux Falls suffered a devasting fire early on Sunday.

Endcap Articles January 20, 2014

Congress is being asked to “fast-track” the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which would prevent many of its outrageous provisions, designed by and for multinational corporations, from getting the debate

Endcap Articles January 16, 2014

Two sources of excellent examples and thoughtful questions about cooperatives and their potential:  John Restakis, author of Humanizing the Economy: Cooperatives in the Age of Capital and

Endcap Articles January 13, 2014

An excellent report and overview appeared in a recent issue of Dollars and Sense and may be found on its website:  htt

Endcap Articles December 20, 2013

The 19th century cooperative movement also originated the cooperative land trust.  Both are part of longstanding campaigns to preserve the commons and the commonwealth against private concentration

Endcap Articles December 4, 2013

The National Cooperative Grocers Association (NCGA) has announced that its chief executive officer, Robynn Shrader, has been elected president of Consumer Cooperatives Worldwide (CCW), a sectoral o

Endcap Articles November 22, 2013

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FMSA) threatens many small producers with food safety requirements more appropriate for much larger processors.  The deadline for comments has been extended to Fr

Endcap Articles November 7, 2013

Although the final count is not in, here’s an initial report – http://grist.org/food/washington-gmo-labeling-initiativ

Endcap Articles November 6, 2013

A key National Organic Standards Board meeting and discussions scheduled for October 17 have been cancelled.  Meanwhile, the USDA-controlled National Organic Program is making another attempt to un

Endcap Articles October 15, 2013

The Democracy Collaborative continues to issue valuable summaries of current efforts to build economic institutions and policies that will serve communities in a democratic manner.  Gar Alperovitz

Endcap Articles September 25, 2013

The National Organic Coalition is urging supporters of organics to demand that crucial funds for organic programs be included in any Farm Bill action this year:  see

Endcap Articles September 12, 2013

Set against the backdrop of turmoil in America’s food system, Drift, a thriller about GMOs (genetically modified organisms), has been written by Jon McGoran, a longtime Weavers Way Co-op c

Endcap Articles August 26, 2013

A new publication provides a very informative look at converting an existing store to a community-based cooperative.  Locate this free pdf at:

Endcap Articles August 9, 2013

What do the following have in common?  Real Pickles, a new worker cooperative in Massachusetts; Arroyo Food Co-op, a startup in Pasadena, Cal.; and People’s Community Market in Oakland; also Ben &a

Endcap Articles August 2, 2013

An excellent and lengthy essay, Can Union Cooperatives Save Democracy? has just been posted by John Clay at his

Endcap Articles July 12, 2013

An excellent listing of 15 websites that focus on the food system and its environmental impacts is available from foodtank.org, a nonprofit dedicated to improving those impacts: 

Endcap Articles June 25, 2013