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The U.S. fair trade world has been in a state of division for quite some time.

Endcap Articles August 30, 2012

Forty-one consumer food co-ops and natural foods retailers operating 62 stores released an open letter on Au

Endcap Articles August 30, 2012

A fascinating and detailed look at the impact of food co-ops has just been released by the National Cooperative Grocers

Endcap Articles August 6, 2012
A new article, subtitled "Building the right kind of autonomy," provides an excellent overview of what cooperatives can offer a world that is in economic crisis.
Endcap Articles August 4, 2012

Urge your senators to listen to the credit unions -- the ones with the plan for helping small business and our nation's economic recovery.

Endcap Articles July 20, 2012
The National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC) continues to provide current and complete information on the Farm Bill as it moves through Congress:
Endcap Articles July 14, 2012

To the delight of the almost seventy people attending the Cooperative Grocers’ Information Network annual meeting at CCMA in Philadelphia in June 2012, it was ann

Endcap Articles June 20, 2012

The flowering of new worker-owned cooperatives and other innovative forms of economic democracy is slowly gaining more attention in various cities and through diverse media channels.

Endcap Articles May 31, 2012
Canada’s co-ops certainly are leaders in North American cooperative circles. One-third of all its citizens are members of one of Canada’s credit unions.
Endcap Articles May 31, 2012

Many readers of this site will recognize Bill Gessner’s name from his many past contributions to food co-ops, both through Cooperative Grocer and directly at scores of co-ops where he has given bot

Endcap Articles May 8, 2012
Growth in fresh food sales – and “fresh packaged” – is at the heart of recent comments from the Hartman Group, a leading analyst of the natural/organic grocery industry whose research has influenced m
Endcap Articles March 25, 2012
A new publication presents a dossier on U.S. worker-owned and consumer co-ops in the U.S.
Endcap Articles March 8, 2012
In a recent article in "Dollars and Sense," Gar Alperovitz presents cooperative enterprise, especially worker-owned co-ops, along with other methods of democratizing capital -- an essential direction
Endcap Articles January 9, 2012
Pauline Green, president of the International Cooperative Alliance, in early January released a message about the International Year of Cooperatives.
Endcap Articles January 8, 2012
The campaign to require labeling of foods produced with genetic engineering is more powerful than ever.
Endcap Articles October 10, 2011
Gene Logsdon is a wise and delightful writer on food and farming.
Endcap Articles September 14, 2011
Jobs and access to food are urgent needs in many communities.
Endcap Articles August 18, 2011
Even as co-ops and other local food providers promote meat and dairy from pastured livestock, these advocates are confronted with drawbacks to a diet centered on those resource-intensive foods.
Endcap Articles July 19, 2011
Don’t blame the sprouts. The E. coli strain causing death and illness in Germany, and other strains, originate in livestock and typically are spread through improper handling of manure.
Endcap Articles June 8, 2011
The devastating effects of the core fuel meltdown in at least three nuclear reactors at Japan’s Fukushima site are not limited to the immediate region – where many will suffer from its radiation, and
Endcap Articles June 2, 2011