Assistant/General Manager

Position Type: General Manager
Apply By: November 30, 2017
Posted: October 5, 2017 - 10:27 am EDT
Organization Type: Co-op Retail
Organization: Bexley Natural Market
Organization Location: Bexley, Ohio (suburb of Columbus)
Organization Website: Bexley Natural Market
Contact Name: Annerose Schaffrin
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone: 614-252-3951

The Bexley Natural Market, a cooperative grocery, is searching for a new General Manager to lead the co-op into a new era in providing healthy food to the community.

The right candidate will serve as assistant manager, learning the business until the current GM retires in the second half of 2018.

This is a full-time, salaried position (terms negotiable). The General Manager reports to our board of directors.

About the Bexley Natural Market 

A first-ring suburb of Columbus, Ohio, Bexley is known for its historic and close-knit neighborhoods, classic, tree-lined and walkable streets, highly ranked public school system, and the oldest food co-op in Central Ohio.

BNM has shown that a small, independent, cooperative grocery can thrive, despite competition from large retailers, by satisfying the varied needs of our diverse customers and running the store efficiently.


  • Excellent communication/ customer service skills.
  • Superior knowledge of the natural foods, supplements,  and related product             lines.
  • Experience in managing all aspects of a small grocery store, including marketing, merchandising, accounting, operations, and human resources.
  • Must submit to appropriate background check and be eligible to be bonded.      

Specific Duties:

  • Create and implement policies and practices that ensure a successful business and a productive work environment.
  • Create and maintain the financial statements of the market, pay all bills and insure all permits and licensing are current.
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable laws, health regulations, fire regulations, and security requirements.
  • Hire, train, evaluate, and discipline staff.
  • Maintain appropriate relationships with wholesalers, vendors, local markets, local producers, and other industry sources.
  • Investigate new business opportunities and make recommendations to the Board.
  • Remain current on latest products, trends and practices of the industry, and attend seminars, trade shows and other forms of networking or education.
  • Lead our outreach efforts by participating in events that further the purposes of our mission.
  • Work with the stores accountants, lawyers and other people who provide professional services to the co-op.
  • Recruit and oversee volunteers for the daily operation and special projects.
  • Perform other duties as required by the Board.

Please submit resume to: [email protected]