Capital Campaign Coordinator

Position Type: Other Staff
Apply By: January 4, 2019
Posted: October 21, 2018 - 2:06 pm EDT
Organization Type: Co-op Retail
Organization: Apple Street Market Cooperative
Organization Location: Northside neighborhood – Cincinnati, OH
Organization Website: Apple Street Market
Contact Name: Caitlin Burnett
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone: (513) 818-2328

The Capital Campaign Coordinator is a key on-the-ground fundraiser, relationship builder, and cheer-leader for Apple Street Market’s Community Owner-focused capital campaign.

The Coordinator will build and maintain the pace and momentum of the campaign. The Coordinator oversees implementation of outreach and solicitations according to the campaign planning and timeline, drives completion of campaign objectives, informs development of campaign resources, and may be a part of determining overall and large-investo strategy. Further, in order to make sure all aspects of the campaign are working well, the Coordinator will work to marshal Board, staff, and volunteer resources; this role requires strong project management skills, including an ability to clearly communicate deadlines, hold collaborating campaign members accountable for their contributions, and identify and mitigate emerging and urgent challenges.

The Coordinator works closely with the Consultant and Fundraising Committee, who guide the overall campaign (both the planning and implementation), and reports to the Board Fundraising Chair. The Coordinator will facilitate and organize the process from beginning to end, providing direction, support and encouragement to other members of the campaign team.

Being the Coordinator requires good communication and delegation. The Coordinator will be compensated between $20 - $30 hourly as a contractor. Please note that Apple Street Market’s Board has approved contractor costs for two months; work beyond two months is contingent upon fundraising success. The role will grow and shift over time from planning (4 weeks, 30 hours per week), to implementation (8 weeks, 40 hours per week or more), and wrap up (6 weeks, 20 hours per week).

The Coordinator’s scope of work will include:

Planning (4 weeks)

● Adjusting and regularly updating a campaign timeline, including close collaboration with the Fundraising and Communications Committees.

● Establishes effective communication among the team and with the co-op’s management and/or board of directors.

● Working with the Fundraising Chair and Fundraising Committee to develop the overall large-investor strategy.

● Coordinating the gathering of pre-commitments from a select few key co-op supporters to achieve at least 10% of the campaign’s income goals by public launch.

● Developing systems to track campaign progress, caller and collections performance and communications.

● Updating and/or creating target lists for the overall campaign and for large investments.

● Building relationships with and recruiting potential caller volunteers, including securing their commitment to participate in the campaign.

● Arranging with Campaign Consultant for caller training (including logistics such as time, space, equipment, and materials, and coordinating with our expert consultant to implement best

practices). Implementation (8 weeks, following “public” launch).

● Building relationships with potential Community Owner loan makers through phone calls, in-person meetings, electronic and hard copy correspondence.

● Soliciting Community Owner loans, independently and in collaboration with other team members.

● Organizing/coordinating campaign caller volunteer training with Campaign Consultant.

● Overseeing and supporting the caller team, including providing additional training and support, as needed, and repositioning under-performing callers.

● Assessing all aspects of the campaign and providing recommendations re: strategy, timeline, and budget adjustments, as needed, to the Fundraising Committee.

● Reporting co-op updates and campaign status (via Slack or other resources) to callers and the rest of the team at least twice weekly, preferably daily.

● Coordinating and developing public and owner outreach/communications with Communications Committee (and

UCommunicate) to celebrate and build momentum the campaign’s success.

● Reporting large investments to the team as they occur.

● Ensuring data from callers, collectors and other sources is entered promptly, preferably daily.

● Ensuring regular team meeting are held, with agendas and facilitators.

● Promoting an upbeat and celebratory campaign atmosphere. Wrap Up (6 weeks following the end of the active Campaign).

● Verifying that all pledges and executed loans are supported by appropriate documentation and captured in the CRM.

● Coordinating with Collectors and/or following up directly with Community Owners re: unfulfilled pledges to secure pledged loans.

● Ensuring that all Community Owner investors are thanked appropriately.

● Developing and soliciting feedback regarding a Campaign Reflection Memo, documenting successes, challenges, and remaining opportunities for future follow-up.


● Experience with fundraising and/or organizing strategies and processes.

● Proven success working collaboratively and effectively delegating responsibility in a team environment.

● Outstanding written, verbal, and visual communication skills.

● Flexibility to work evenings and weekends when necessary.

● Ability to prioritize tasks appropriately in a fast-paced busy work environment.

● Sense of humor and commitment to building more just economies.

To apply, send resume and cover letter to [email protected].

Applications accepted on a rolling basis. References will be required for applicants who progress to group interviews.

Mailing address: 215 East 14th Street, Suite 232, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202