General Manager

Position Type: General Manager
Apply By: May 31, 2017
Posted: Tuesday, April 11
Organization Type: Co-op Retail
Organization: Eastside Food Co-op
Organization Location: Northeast Minneapolis, MN
Organization Website: Eastside Food Co-op
Contact Name: Board of Directors
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone:

Eastside Food Cooperative is seeking a motivated, community-oriented leader to serve as our General Manager. Eastside Food Co-op opened its doors in 2003, after an eight-year grass-roots effort to bring natural foods to this former food desert. Throughout its 20-year history, Eastside has prioritized its connection to the diverse, engaged and artistic Northeast Minneapolis community. We strive to create a diverse and equitable workplace, while supporting local farmers and producers, serving our community and building the local economy. In 2016, we successfully completed a major expansion, more than doubling the size of the retail store.


The ideal candidate has at least five years of experience as a General Manager or other senior management position at a food cooperative. The General Manager will plan and oversee all Co-op operations and will be responsible for meeting all business and organizational goals. Preferred candidates will demonstrate a strong understanding of business accounting principles, organizational budgeting and business planning.  In addition, they will demonstrate a mastery of margins, setting sales goals, pricing, and product merchandising, as well as possessing a strong understanding of marketing principles.


The General Manager will be responsible for the organization,  hiring and supervision of the management team and will indirectly oversee the current staff of approximately 100.  The General Manager reports directly to the Board of Directors using the policy governance model.  All qualified applicants will demonstrate their understanding of the value of cooperative principles, their ability to connect with local communities and their passion and excitement for leading store operations at Eastside Food Co-op.


We are seeking a leader with demonstrated experience in successfully leading a growing team through a period of transition.  The new General Manager will help lead the next phase of Eastside’s story including continuing to grow membership and improve products and services and for all shoppers.  The new leader will work to enhance the unique cooperative experience and will educate and engage the surrounding community to ensure deepening support of the co-op.  Eastside Food Co-op strives to be an employer of choice by providing living wages and benefits and a positive work experience for its employees. 


As of February 2017, Eastside Food Co-op had more than 6,900 owners and projected annual sales of $14 million.   Eastside remains an independent, single-store co-op in the thriving cooperative local food system in the Minneapolis/St. Paul community.  Minneapolis and St. Paul are consistently ranked amongst the top places to live in the nation; Minneapolis was voted #1 park system in the nation in both 2015 and 2016 and is also known for being one of the best cities for biking.


Overview of General Manager Responsibilities

The General Manager will manage Eastside Food Co-op’s operations and lead our cooperative to achieve the Ends policy, as determined by the board of directors:


“EFC is at the forefront of a prosperous and fair cooperative economy. We provide access to healthy food, foster positive environmental impacts, cultivate a thriving community in our neighborhood, and educate members for a sustainable future.”


The General Manager reports to the Board of Directors, which is elected by the owners of the cooperative. The Board operates under Policy Governance, a system that emphasizes vision and values empowerment and direct accountability. The board uses the Policy Governance model to define the results the General Manager is expected to achieve within limits of prudence and ethics; these results are reported to the board during monthly meetings. 


The General Manager is responsible for leadership and oversight in the following areas:


  • Financial Condition and Asset Protection
  • Owner and Customer Relations
  • Staff Treatment and Compensation
  • Owner and Community Education
  • The Environmental Impact of the Co-op
  • Engagement in the Northeast Minneapolis Community
  • Communication and Counsel to the Board




  • Experience managing a retail food store (e.g., general manager, store manager, operations manager, district manager)
  • Management accountability in a business with minimum annual sales volume around $5 million
  • Personal and professional values that align with cooperative principles
  • Proven ability in strategic planning to develop and implement a vision
  • Proven ability to lead and motivate others to gain cooperation
  • Understanding of the components of financial statements
  • Operating, capital and cash budgeting experience
  • Ability to manage own and other’s time
  • Ability to present written and spoken information clearly
  • Demonstrated ability to give and receive feedback



  • Experience in retail natural foods or co-op management
  • Experience in growing cooperative ownership
  • Experience in a highly competitive market
  • Experience communicating with and reporting to a board of directors
  • Experience with policy governance
  • Experience in team-building and staff development
  • Proven ability to develop systems


This is a full-time salaried position with a full benefits package and paid vacation. The position will be open until May 31st, 2017 but may be extended beyond that date.  Please apply by visiting the jobs page at Eastside Food Co-op