Front End Manager

Position Type: Management Team
Apply By: March 30, 2018
Posted: February 6, 2018 - 12:49 pm EST
Organization Type: Co-op Retail
Organization: Linden Hills Co-op
Organization Location: Minneapolis, MN
Organization Website: Linden Hills Co-op
Contact Name: Megan Petrowski, Human Resources Manager
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone: 612-922-1159


Purpose: To develop and articulate the vision and goals of the Front End Department, to ensure prompt and courteous service to all Linden Hills customers, to develop policies and procedures to maintain effeccient department operations, and supervises department staff in order to meet objectives for labor and customer service. Supports the CEO’s goals and agendas for the Twin Cities Co-op Partners.

Reports to: Store Director.

Supervises: Front End Assistant Manager, Floor Coordinators, Cashiers, Baggers, and Customer Service Desk Staff.

Basic Responsibilities:

  1. Model exceptional customer service skills.  Regularly communicate service expectations to staff.
  2. Ensure staff is trained in assisting customers within the store by providing information, locating products, explaining membership and providing any other service the customer may need.
  3. Ensure staff are trained and supported to uphold department customer service standards.
  4. Work with Store Director and Finance Director to set accuracy and labor goals for department.  Review weekly, monthly and quarterly reports and plan corrective action as needed.
  5. Develop and implement approved short and long range strategic goals for the front end department.
  6. Additional duties as assigned by Store Director.
  7. Ensure accuracy and security of all cash received through front end.
  8. Ensure staff members are aware of price changes, specials, and all changes in store policies and procedures.
  9. Train staff members in department security procedures.
  10. Ensure bank deposits are completed in a timely and accurate fashion.


  1. Ensure smooth operations of front end through scheduling and supervision of floor coordinators.
  2. Maintains department equipment and ensures required service is scheduled promptly to prevent customer disruption.
  3. Maintain display and storage areas in clean, orderly condition, meeting health department standards.
  4. Ensure that Front End service and work areas are kept in a neat and orderly condition at all times.


  1. Hire qualified applicants following established policies.
  2. Develop and maintain on-the-job training of all department staff.
  3. Conduct annual performance evaluations.
  4. Take disciplinary action as needed, following established procedures.
  5. Develop and motivate employees to perform their roles at a high level of proficiency.
  6. Maintain communication with staff through regular meetings and correspondence.
  7. Ensure a weekly department schedule that meets customer expectations within approved budgetary constraints.
  8. Hold monthly meetings for all department staff.

Store Maintenance and Security:

  1. Report any store maintenance issues to Store Director for prompt resolution.
  2. Develop communicate procedures for handling shoplifting, theft, disorderly customers and ensure staff training.

Physical Demands:

  • Prolonged standing and walking
  • Ability to perform continuous fine work and gripping with hands
  • Corrected vision to enable reading small print
  • Frequent reaching, bending, twisting, and rotating
  • Ability to lift 60 lbs. repeatedly, occasionally more
  • Ability to work outdoors, sometimes under extreme temperature and weather conditions
  • Clear spoken English and ability to perceive spoken voice clearly


  • Management & supervisory experience in a fast-paced retail environment(3+ years)
  • Experience working in a retail environment (5+ years)
  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Ability to clearly explain procedures and processes
  • Attention to detail & organization skills
  • Ability to project an outgoing, friendly image
  • Demonstrated ability to handle multiple demands
  • Familiarity with natural foods

APPLY BY March 30, 2018,