General Manager

Position Type: General Manager
Apply By: December 1, 2020
Posted: October 19, 2020 - 2:05 pm EDT
Organization Type: Co-op Retail
Organization: Davis Food Co-op
Organization Location: Davis, Ca
Organization Website: Davis Food Co-op
Contact Name: Michele Henley
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone: 530-758-2667




TITLE: General Manager Position


LOCATION: Davis California





Davis Food Co-op is a member owned consumer cooperative that creates the shared benefits of healthy food, sound environmental practices and a strong local economy. Davis Food Co-op is a full-service grocery, offering fresh organic produce, bulk food, local organic meats, fair trade products, and a wide variety of natural and organic groceries, fresh deli foods, natural body care, vitamins, and supplements. The Co-op carries organic as well as conventional products.  The Co-op is a highly successful store operation in the vibrant college town of Davis, California. The Co-op is profitable, with revenue of $18-19 million and approximately 150 team members.


The grocery market in Davis is competitive, with major grocery players placing stores in town.   In line with other food cooperatives across the country, emphasis in the contemporary market is to effectively manage the business, expecting small changes in market-share, by providing customer value with quality products at the right price. Davis Food Co-op remains community minded with primary goals to serve its membership and the local market through its outreach efforts to the surrounding community. Moreover, they also collaborate with growers and suppliers, local food advocates and environmental activists, and educators to build community awareness and support for the links between food, health and the environment.


The Co-op was formed in 1972 and has grown steadily into a full-service cooperative owned and operated to serve its more than 11,000 members. The Co-op members elect a nine-member Board of Directors, and the Board hires and oversees the General Manager. The Co-op utilizes the Policy Governance business model for making decisions and setting the responsibilities of the staff and the board. For more information see their website at: <>







The General Manager is responsible for all operations as well as long term planning and strategy.  Applicants must have related retail management and business experience, and possess well developed skills and competencies, along with tested business judgment and financial acumen. Demonstrated experience as a performance manager and a business builder, ideally in the retail food and/or food distribution related industries is highly desirable. Experience in a retail grocery and operations environment requiring vision and strategic business practices, as well as senior leadership and management experience is also desirable.  Positions that might qualify the finalist would include: Store Manager, Operations Manager, District or Regional Manager. Given the scope of Davis Food’s operating requirements, the successful candidate will be a strong retail operator, be flexible and be a capable individual contributor.


Personal and professional skills should include being a team leader and team builder, effective at goal setting and the ability to recognize the importance of succession planning.  The manager will lead and be responsible for developing a responsive and customer-centric team and organization, and have the ability to optimize market opportunities to ensure the full growth potential for the Co-op. The manager must maintain effective business practices and operating systems, and an evolving financial and control system. The manager will guide marketing and merchandising capabilities. The manager must be an effective spokesperson for the business (and the Co-op Industry) and work well with Co-op members, the board, colleagues and other team members. They will have demonstrated the ability to formally plan and then execute effectively agreed upon business strategies, initiatives, forecasts, and cost constraints that set the course for the business in both the near and longer term.


The manager must be comfortable in and be aligned with Davis Food’s cooperative business model, its democratic ownership structure, and its governing principles and policies.  This includes a genuine ability to work with a board of directors, as well as with the Co-op’s many stakeholders. The General Manager will manage towards achieving the Co-op’s “Ends” to be: financially profitable, community minded, and to achieve strong environmental outcomes. It is absolutely essential that the Manager’s personal values align with this business approach. 


The Davis Food Co-op seeks a business leader who is able to deal with governance and policy issues; comfortable in managing performance and financial requirements; and oriented to building and developing a strong team of managers and staff. Evidence of this will be a successful record of building and operating a profitable growing retail business.  It is imperative that the Manager have an undisputed reputation for integrity.




The General Manager will earn a competitive compensation and benefits package that includes both base salary and a performance-oriented bonus. 






            Please submit a store application, along with a letter of introduction and resume to store HR at:  [email protected].  Questions should be directed to Michele Henley, HR manager.


            Michele Henley

            HR Manager

            Davis Food Co-op