Human Resources Manager

Position Type: Management Team
Apply By: August 5, 2018
Posted: July 10, 2018 - 3:16 pm EDT
Organization Type: Co-op Retail
Organization: Mariposa Food Co-op
Organization Location: Philadelphia, PA
Organization Website: Mariposa Food Co-op
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Contact Email: [email protected]
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Job Summary:The HR Manager is responsible for ensuring that Mariposa Food Co-op maintains compliance with federal, state and local labor laws, and with its internal policies and procedures regarding the employment of staff. Compliance related responsibilities include recruitment; hiring; onboarding; coordinating ADA dialogues and needs; investigating and managing claims of harassment and discrimination; and many non-routine personnel issues. The HR Manager is responsible for identifying, arranging, and creating staff development opportunities. The HR Manager is responsible also for the administration of the co-op's health benefits, including reviewing benefits packages yearly, budgeting for benefits, explaining benefits to staff and enrolling staff.
Hours:Full Time, 40+ hours weekly, evenings and weekends needed on occasion

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities

Compliance with Labor Laws & Regulations
-Ensure that payroll systems and job classifications are compliant with FLSA.
-Ensure that Mariposa's recruiting, hiring, training, compensation, termination and termination practices are EEOC compliant and uphold Mariposa's commitment to anti-oppression; speak to appropriate manager(s) should concerns arise.
-Maintain compliant employee files.
-Ensure accuracy of employee data in payroll, scheduling, and other HRIS programs.
-Stay knowledgeable and up-to-date regarding federal, state, and local laws and possible legislative changes that are relevant to Mariposa's business; communicate about this knowledge and any necessary changes in a responsible and timely manner.
-Implement policies that support protections for employee rights and legal safety of the co-op as needed.
-Use existing HRIS programs to best meet the co-op's compliance needs.

Recruitment & Hiring
-Promote open positions on appropriate social media platforms, networks, websites and physical locations in order to yield an adequately large, diverse, and well-qualified applicant pool.
-Phone Screenings: Collaborate with relevant manager(s) to identify and uphold priorities for open positions in advance of phone screenings; develop and perform effective position specific phone screenings; evaluate performance of each candidate.
-Develop and produce interview process, interview questions, and relevant assessments for openings, in collaboration with relevant manager(s).
-Ensure that hiring decisions are made in a manner that is focused on business's needs and candidates' qualifications; ensure that hiring processes and decisions are adequately documented.
-In collaboration with other department managers, coordinate onboarding and orientation for all new staff; ensure that all new staff complete new hire paperwork, safety training, Co-op owner orientation, and meeting with their direct supervisor within the first few shifts.

Staff Development & Continuing Employment
-Ensure that all staff complete Anti-Oppression Training within the first 90 days of hire.
-Use NCG, CGN, and other industry resources to identify useful cost-effective training opportunities for staff; coordinate the enrollment, attendance, and documentation of training events.
-Track and facilitate performance evaluations for all employees at 90 days of hire and annually; ensure appropriate confidentiality and fairness for peer review processes.
-Advise department managers on how to effectively synthesize and deliver feedback.
-Think creatively about employees who show potential for leadership and growth.
-Contribute to the development of new staff orientations and annual training plans.
-Support staff from all areas of the co-op in developing capacity to navigate interpersonal conflict in a productive and respectful manner.
-Ensure that all staff are made aware of benefits and resources that may be of interest.
-Ensure that all staff are aware of internal opportunities for growth.
-Encourage existing staff to apply for internal openings when appropriate.

Oversee Personnel Department Resources and Functions
-Establish and monitor annual Personnel budget within the overall Mariposa budget.
-Develop wages and benefits components of the annual labor budget with the Finance Manager.
-Create, maintain and update job descriptions as needed.
-Act as the Chair of the Personnel Committee; guide the committee's 18 month work plan; ensure that all members of the committee are adequately knowledgeable about personnel issues and practices; facilitate committee meetings to be inclusive of all members and productive; assign work to the committee to ensure continuous progress towards goals.
-Develop, implement and evaluate Personnel department goals, objectives and processes.
-Taking direct guidance from GM, develop and distribute annual Staff Survey, ensuring access and confidentiality for all employees.
-Support org-wide goals, objectives, processes and procedures that involve personnel functions.
-Maintain, monitor, and improve staff benefits including health, dental and the Employee Assistance Program.
-Review payroll register bi-weekly to double check for errors or inconsistencies before Finance submits for processing.

Fostering Anti-Oppression and Workplace Democracy
-Create, implement, and evaluate policies and procedures for staff to use to address micro-aggressions, interpersonal conflict, and structural power imbalances.
-Maintain existing relationships and foster new ones with anti-oppression training resources such as AORTA.
-Think creatively about how personnel practices can be adjusted to bolster the co-op's commitment to anti-oppression.
-Stay informed and engaged with how structural oppression impacts the Mariposa community.
-Openly discuss and respond to topics such as structural racism, micro-aggressions, identity, queerness, (dis)ability, and economic difference within conversations about the business.
-Ensure that the co-op provides staff with multiple ways to educate themselves about anti-oppression and dismantling structural inequality.
-Ensure that all candidates for employment are aware of Mariposa's dedication to anti-oppression and workplace democracy in which all staff voices are welcomed and valued.
-Support the sustainability of staff committees by ensuring that all nominated staff members are eligible for committee membership.

Communication & Co-operative Leadership
-Communicate honestly and professionally in a manner that shows respect for all employees.
-Collaborate with leadership from other departments.
-Lead by example by resolving conflicts directly and respectfully in a timely manner.
-Actively participate in leadership team meetings and all-staff meetings.
-Accept and offer feedback and suggestions openly; help others to do the same.

The ideal candidate for this position will have:
-5+ years experience in Human Resources and/or staff management and/or formal education in Human Resources. If experience is predominantly in staff management, this experience must include ample responsibility for hiring, onboarding, staff development, internal conflict management, terminations, overseeing performance evaluation, and upholding labor laws.
-5+ years work experience in workplace with cultural, racial, and economic diversity.
-2+ years experience managing or supporting the management of employee insurance benefits.
-Extensive experience and comfort with talking openly, constructively, and appropriately about race, gender, age, and other protected categories within the workplace.
-Creativity and know-how regarding of concrete actions and/or policy changes that can help to create and/or sustain a more inclusive and equitable workplace.
-Creative ideas about how to increase engagement from staff regarding workplace decisions.
-Ability to give and receive honest feedback in a constructive and respectful manner; ability to help others do the same.
-Experience processing unemployment claims.
-Experience managing claims of workplace harassment and/or discrimination.
-Experience coaching staff to develop a broader array of written and spoken communication skills.
-Public speaking skills; ability to explain complex ideas to groups of people, both with preparation and as needed without preparation.
-Knowledge of different approaches to organization-wide compensation.
-Knowledge or experience with co-operative business models and workplace democracy.
-A record of demonstrating excellent judgment in unusual interpersonal situations with multiple perspectives.
-Values that strongly align with Mariposa's commitment to being an anti-oppressive workplace and to increasing our community's access to healthy and sustainably sourced food.
-Effective oral and written communication skills; able to write appropriately for a variety of different purposes and audiences.
-Fully proficient with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Google Drive, Gmail, internet research, and standard office technology.
-Excellent interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence
-Ability to manage difficult and stressful situations on a semi-regular basis

Essential Physical Requirements
-Standing, walking, climbing, bending, sitting, reaching
-Ability to climb stairs multiple times per work shift
-Ability to engage in discussion for extended periods of time
-Fine motor skills needed for frequent computer usage and handwritten tasks
-Specific vision ability: close vision and ability to adjust focus

To Apply:If you would like to be considered for this position, please email your cover letter and resume as attachments to [email protected]. Applications without cover letters will not be considered. We will only be contacting those who follow our application instructions and whose materials indicate that they are qualified. Please No Phone Calls, No Visits.
Mariposa is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer! We strive to be a safer space for all people. Our staff and community are racially and culturally diverse and very LGBTQ+ friendly.

This position description is a summary of the typical functions of the job, not an exhaustive or comprehensive list of all possible job responsibilities, tasks, and duties. The responsibilities, tasks, and duties of the jobholder might differ from those outlined in the job description and other duties, as assigned, might be part of the job.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $45,000.00 to $53,000.00 /year