Community Development Director

Position Type: Management Team
Apply By: October 8, 2017
Posted: September 8, 2017 - 9:00 pm EDT
Organization Type: Co-op Retail
Organization: La Montañita Co-op
Organization Location: Albuquerque, NM
Organization Website: La Montañita Co-op
Contact Name: Donna Duran
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone: (505)217-2030

Do you love community engagement and develpment? This opportunity is for you!

Under the direction of our Operartions and Support Officer, the Community Development Director is responsible for building and maintaining relationships with member-owners, volunteers, non-profits, other cooperatives, and other socially conscious organizations to promote La Montañita's mission, services, and programs. These collaborative programs include the volunteer, education, membership, donation and community advocacy programs. 


External: Routine contact with customers, volunteers, Board of Directors committees, non-profits and other socially conscious organizations.  Daily contact with customers, staff, member-owners and community organizations in response to inquiries related to community development activities.  Occasional contact with the media.                      

Internal: Routine contact with the staff to inform and educate them about the Co-op purpose, programs, and achievements.  Daily contact with staff regarding customer issues.  Participation in Board committees and staff meetings. 


  • Three years’ experience in community project organization/ coordination.
  • Ability to follow-through and complete assignments.
  • Editorial, writing, and layout skills.
  • Ability to prioritize and work with minimal supervision.
  • Strong oral and verbal communication skills; speak clearly and persuasively in positive or negative situations; Listen and get clarification; write clearly and informatively; Vary writing style to meet needs; Present numerical data effectively; Able to read and interpret written information.
  • Strong leadership skills- Inspire and motivate others to perform well; Effectively influence actions and opinions of others; Inspire respect and trust; Accept feedback from others; Provide vision and inspiration to peers and subordinates; Give appropriate recognition to others.
  • Display professionalism and approaches others in a tactful manner; react well under pressure, treat others with respect and consideration regardless of their status or position; accept responsibility for own actions; follow through on commitments.
  • Must possess strong ethics, treat people with respect, and uphold organizational values.
  • Strong Microsoft Office Skills (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)
  • Excellent organizational, interpersonal, presentation and communication skills.
  • Maintain professional attitude and appearance at all times
  • Organize, attend, and/or participate in community outreach events, meetings, and other multidisciplinary, multisector partnerships.
  • Be able to work occasional evening and weekend hours when needed.
  • Provide and ensure professional, superior customer service is provided to all internal and external customers.
  • Must possess a valid driver’s license, have state required minimum automobile insurance, and be able to use own vehicle on the job.


 Community Development 

  • Develop formal and informal networks of contacts with representatives of a wide range of community organizations.
  • Partner with the communities surrounding the Co-op and other socially conscious organizations to further the Co-op’s mission and help create a more sustainable and resilient regional food shed.
  • Coordinate meetings, events, activities, and programs to further the Co-op’s mission and strengthen the surrounding communities.
  • Educate the staff and surrounding communities about the Co-op’s mission and programs.
  • Effectively communicate the reason to believe in the Co-ops mission, and bring the human interest connection alive.
  • Plan, organize and work with community groups to solve problems.

 Volunteer Program

  • Manage and grow the volunteer program to help benefit the community.
  • Ensure volunteer participation complies with applicable regulations.
  • Maintain volunteer participation records and report on program.
  • Train staff how to work with volunteers
  • Train volunteers how to engage others on behalf of the Co-op.

 Board of Directors Support

  • Serve as the staff representative on the Nominations and Elections Committee and the Member Engagement Committee.
  • Help coordinate and support the meetings as needed by the Board of Directors.
  • Help recruit and achieve active member participation in Board committees.
  • Serve as the staff point person for the annual Board elections.

Membership Programs

  • Coordinate membership programs and grow annual participation.
  • Maintain and report on current membership, and advocate for their requests and needs.
  • Serve as the staff point person for the annual membership surveys.
  • Utilize community resources for member benefit.
  • Find ways for our membership to help serve the greater surrounding communities.

Education Programs

  • Create, implement and manage a suite of educational programs to raise awareness of co-ops, healthy food, cooking healthy meals, the regional food economy, and more.
  • Coordinate educational tours of our stores, and local farms and ranches.


  • Manage the La Montañita Fund and other community collaborative projects and programs.
  • Apply for and manage grants to help support the La Montañita mission.
  • Coordinate with the Marketing Department to ensure community development related efforts support the Co-op Brand.
  • Assist with marketing events and programs to help further the Co-op mission.
  • Acquire and write articles of interest supporting the Co-op mission.
  • Serve as content editor for Co-op newsletter and other publications as assigned.
  • Coordinate donations and donation programs.
  • Assist in other departments when appropriate, without compromising your own responsibilities.
  • Track, analyze, report on, and document the impact of community development programs to ensure efficient use of resources and measurable community impact.
  • Other duties as assigned.