Operations Team Manager

Position Type: Management Team
Apply By: June 16, 2018
Posted: June 4, 2018 - 5:05 pm EDT
Organization Type: Co-op Retail
Organization: Grassroots Local Market
Organization Location: Lynchburg, VA
Organization Website: Grassroots Local Market
Contact Name: Zack Sheppard
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone:

Grassroots Local Market is a start-up Food Co-op opening this summer in the beautiful historic-downtown area of Lynchburg, Virginia. We are seeking a talented, adaptable, and enthusiastic grocery industry professional to assist opening of our store and managing our front end, back end, and grocery department once open. Inherent in a start-up Co-op management position is an increased level of responsibility balanced with many freedoms and larger purview than found in similar positions. If you're excited by the prospect of building a grocery store from scratch with us, please apply!


Please review the job description below and apply by:

Filling out an Application - www.grassrootslocalmarket.com/apply-now/

Emailing your resume & cover letter to [email protected]






Purpose:   The Operations Team Manager ensures the best customer experience by supervising and leading the Operations Team - responsible for Grocery Departments, Front End, and Back End systems and operations.  S/he oversees the accurate, fast, friendly operations of the Front End. The organized, efficient, accessible data management in the Back End / POS. And the management of selection, ordering, receiving, pricing and stocking of all Grocery Department products to achieve objectives for sales, margin, labor, and customer service.  As a leader in the organization s/he works to achieve the collective goals of the organization and supports the Ends Statement, Vision and Values of Grassroots Local Market.

Reports to: General Manager                Job Classification: Non-Exempt, Hourly
Reviewed: May, 2018

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Sales Department Management:

  • Ensures strong and efficient departmental systems & SOPs to maximize sustainable productivity.

  • Maintains abundant and exciting merchandising and displays.

  • Coordinates promotions and innovates strategies to encourage sales growth.

  • Develops strategies for maintaining favorable price image while minimizing shrink and achieving margin targets.

  • Schedules staff for departmental needs while maintaining labor spending within target.

  • Curates a continually evolving product mix to match seasonal & market trends.


Operations Management:

  • Maintains The Friendliest Store in Town focus for staff interactions with customers.

  • Ensures strong and efficient departmental systems & SOPs to maximize sustainable productivity.

  • Ensures accuracy in transactions, cash handling, and record keeping.

  • Provides technology user support, and training to all Team Members.

  • Maintains store technologies: POS, Phones, Workstations, Network, Scales, etc.

  • Schedules staff for departmental needs while maintaining labor spending within target.

Personnel Management:

  • Leads the Operations Team, setting the highest standard by embodying the ideal employee in all aspects of the job.

  • Supports and Serves the Operations Team providing guidance, structure, systems, and tools to comfortably & effectively do their jobs.

  • Hires qualified motivational fits to the team, following established hiring policy.

  • Inspires and develops staff to their full potential through on the job training, timely & thoughtful performance evaluations, and empowerment in their role.

  • Recommends pay rate increases for Operations Team members to the General Manager.

  • Holds the Operations Team equitably accountable to store and department policy, taking disciplinary action as needed following established store protocols.

  • Cultivates a positive, creative, and team oriented staff culture through strong systems for honest and thorough communication.

  • Ensures departmental safety through strong preventative injury systems, and extensive training, including adherence to HACCP guidelines.

Customer Service:

  • Exhibits exceptional customer service and provides product information to customers.       

  • Ensures that staff is customer focused and are demonstrating excellent customer service.

  • Knows store layout and answers customer questions about all areas of store.

  • Explains store policies and procedures clearly, completely and concisely.

  • Responds in a timely manner to written customer comments.


Person In Charge (PIC):

  • Works regular PIC shifts       

  • Is trained and provides leadership and training to staff as needed on security procedures, (including:  dealing with shoplifters, disorderly customers, equipment failure, power outages, etc.).


  • At least one year in a management or leadership role of a Food Co-op or related industry.

  • Strong business acumen and process improvement skills.

  • Supervisory experience:  hiring, training, evaluating, delegating.

  • Ability to read financial statements and a firm understanding of department fiscal metrics (sales, inventory, margin, and labor).

  • Organized, consistently follows through on commitments.

  • Knowledge of current trends in natural foods industry.

  • Communications skills – ability to give clear directions, listen to others and communicate in a timely and effective manner.

  • Ability to lift 50 pounds.