Membership & Marketing Manager

Position Type: Management Team
Apply By: August 14, 2017
Posted: Tuesday, August 1
Organization Type: Co-op Retail
Organization: Potsdam Food Co-op
Organization Location: Potsdam, NY
Organization Website: Potsdam Food Co-op
Contact Name: Eric Jesner
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone: 315-265-4630

JOB SUMMARY: To cultivate the Co-op’s identity and presence in the community, to act as a
liaison between member-owners and store leadership (Board of Directors, Management Team), and
to promote education related to our Co-op’s values.

Duties and Responsibilities:
● Create and implement an annual marketing plan and promotional calendar
● Act as Managing Editor of “Community News” (ensure all tasks are complete: supply content,
copy-edit content, timely publication and distribution, approve and track all expenses)
● Create and distribute bi weekly e-newsletter to member-owners
● Maintain and enhance the Co-op’s online presence (update Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
accounts; stay current on trends in social networking and online marketing)
● Keep website content current (add news and events listings regularly, update specials, and
Newsletter, etc.)
● Design graphic pieces for marketing purposes (advertisements, event posters and flyers,
coupons, brochures and other promotional pieces)
● Design and ensure timely printing of logo merchandise (t-shirts, hats, totes, stickers etc.)
● Handle all requests for Co-op advertisements including design of ad and tracking of expenses
● Act as spokesperson for the Co-op; cultivate good PR from media
● Assist with design and timely publishing of annual report
● Create and manage Co-op brand, including all signage, displays and merchandising
● Serve on Marketing committee (use committee to assist in completing job responsibilities
where appropriate)
● Network with relevant organizations and individuals to stay connected to North Country
● Work with other department managers to coordinate in store sampling program
● Keep ECRS POS system current (ensure Member Update & Request Forms are processed,
working owner discounts entered, etc.)
● Issue new member-owner cards and maintain a supply of new member packets
● Manage member-owner communication (train Front End staff, offer monthly new
member-owner orientations, handle member-owner concerns and questions,)
● Promote member-ownership (train other staff, organize annual or bi-annual membership
drives, maintain and update promotional membership pieces)
● Support communication between member-owners and Board (serve on Membership, attend
relevant BOD meetings, lead forums and focus groups as appropriate)
● Coordinate donations & outreach contributions to community (respond to donation requests,
allocate resources appropriately)
● Organize member events (Annual Meeting, Co-op Community Cooks, Membership Drives,
Farm Visits)
● Give presentations to outside community groups to promote the Co-op or co-op values
● Manage Co-op’s presence at community fairs and events
● Work with other managers to keep shelf tag programs active and current (organic, local, fair
trade, etc.)
● Pursue other community and management projects/tasks as able (e.g. publishing cookbook or
calendar, working with local schools, organizing tours, facilitating staff meetings, etc.)

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