Produce Department Manager

Position Type: Management Team
Apply By: April 3, 2020
Posted: February 28, 2020 - 4:27 pm EST
Organization Type: Co-op Retail
Organization: Seward Coop
Organization Location: Minneapolis, MN
Organization Website: Seward Coop Website
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Purpose: Lead department staff to provide excellent customer service, a welcoming inclusive store and strong financial results. Work cooperatively with other stakeholders to support the Seward Co-op Ends and Strategic Initiatives. Participate in Franklin Store Team and Produce Merchandising team.

Status: Full time. Reports to Franklin Store Manager

Pay Level: VII (Salary based on experience)


People – Ensure all customers and employees in the Produce department are treated with respect and dignity
• Customer Service
o Employ prompt, courteous customer service at all times
o Ensure department personnel are equipped to provide excellent customer service to all Seward customers
o Respond to all customer comments within required time-frame
o Maintain a department schedule that ensures adequate staff coverage to provide excellent customer service and meets department operational needs
• Personnel Management
o Uphold all store policies and procedures
o Hire staff following established processes
o Monitor employee performance and follow established disciplinary processes as appropriate
o Ensure staff performance evaluations are completed in a timely fashion
o Schedule full department meetings at a minimum of every quarter
 Hold a department huddle, a short and frequent meeting, at least twice per week
o Recommend and follow-through on development opportunities for staff
o Communicate storewide information, such as policy changes to department staff
o Develop and maintain training materials for all department positions that reflect current processes and procedures
o Develop a department succession plan
• Safety
o Run the department in a manner that allows for a safe shopping and working environment. Address or report all potential safety threats to appropriate party for correction
o Act as floor warden during emergencies per training provided
o Following established procedure, assist the department safety committee representative in the timely and regular participation on the Franklin Safety Committee

Product – Follow store and department product standards while merchandising a beautiful and well-stocked department
• Purchasing
o Oversee and create efficiencies in ordering, receiving and stocking procedures
o Work with Merchandising department to manage broker and vendor relationships
o Maintain a special order program in the department
o Lead a consistent and accurate quarterly inventory process
o Maintain product order histories
o Ensure product mix reflects trends in natural foods industry
o Ensure team is using established systems for the accurate and timely submission of product data to the Scanning department
o Limit out-of-stock products without allowing co-op resources to be tied up in slow turning inventory
o Handle samples and free products in a manner consistent with the Seward Co-op Free Product policy
o Follow store procedures and government regulation in managing product in a manner that does not compromise consumer health or safety
• Merchandising & Marketing
o Follow merchandising guidelines to create an excellent shopping experience in the department and the store
o Maintain product displays and slot new items to the shelf following planograms and/or merchandising guidelines.
o Participate on the Produce Merchandising Team
o Meet all deadlines associated with NCGA and Seward Co-op promotions programs
o Work with merchandising staff to implement resets and cross-merchandising.
o Set up and take down promotional displays and specials signage in alignment with merchandising planners.
o Implement Limited Time Offers and product clearances to sell through overstock and discontinued product.
o Maintain fixtures and signage in good condition; request new signage and fixtures as needed.
o Work with merchandising staff to facilitate merchandising and product training for store staff.
o Provide input to Merchandising staff regarding department layout, promotions, marketing, product assortment, customer requests, vendor issues, and merchandising objectives.
o Manage product recalls following established procedures.
o Meet regularly with the Fresh Foods Coordinator to set and monitor progress towards merchandising goals and plan department layout, fixtures, signage and promotions
o Facilitate category management process
o Ensure that product selection follows store and department product standards
o Support Community Foods and other priority products through purchasing and promotion
o Document customer product requests and communicate with merchandising staff
o Collaborate with Demo staff to provide samples to customers
o Provide content for the Sprout! newsletter, store sales flyer, and other merchandising and marketing materials including electronic media

Financial Performance – Work with Store Manager and Finance Manager to project and achieve financial goals
• Ensure the accurate projection of labor in the quarterly budgeting process
• Manage department supply and small wares budget
• Partner with merchandising on pricing as it relates to margin.

Additional Responsibilities
• Adhere to the Seward Co-op Code of Ethics
• Support the Seward Co-op Scorecard through initiatives and as requested
• Follow all co-op contracts, policies and procedures
• Participate as a member of the Store and Merchandising Teams, and ad hoc committees as requested
• Cooperate with other departments to further the overall good of the store
• Attend appropriate national conferences or industry events as appropriate
• Contribute written articles to the Scoop and Sprout! publications as required
• Submit Monthly Manager Report to Store Manager
• Other tasks as assigned by Store Manager


• Supervisory experience, including hiring, training and evaluations
• Excellent customer service skills
• Minimum of three years’ experience in leadership.
• Proven effective verbal and written communication skills
• Proficiency with Microsoft Office products
• Demonstrated ability to work with customers and co-workers from various cultural backgrounds
• Demonstrated success in financial management of product and labor
• Willingness to work with others in a team atmosphere
• English proficiency

• Ability to stand, bend, stoop, reach, squat and walk for extended periods of time per shift
• Bend and lift loads, not to exceed 70 pounds. Push and pull carts weighing up to 300 pounds.
• Repetitive use of hands for grasping, pushing, pulling, and fine manipulation.
• Environmental exposure to extreme temperatures (coolers, ovens, freezer, outdoors, etc.)
• Ability to operate equipment such as: shrink wrap machine, manual and/or electric scales, recalibrate and read thermometers, and knives. Ability to freely access all areas of the store including offices, sales floor, back stock areas, and walk-in coolers and freezers.
• Ability to move or handle merchandise throughout the store generally weighing up to 50 pounds.
• Ability to be able to focus on and read a computer screen for extended periods of time

• Familiarity with co-operative business model, produce, and natural foods products
• Experience creating dynamic and appealing produce displays
• Multilingual is a plus
• Demonstrated ability to work with customers and co-workers from various cultural backgrounds

People with a variety of backgrounds and experiences are encouraged to apply.