Relationships Manager

Position Type: Management Team
Apply By: September 28, 2018
Posted: August 22, 2018 - 6:55 pm EDT
Organization Type: Co-op Service Organization
Organization: Food Co-op Initiative
Organization Location: Dennison, MN.
Organization Website: Food Co-op Initiative
Contact Name: Stuart Reid
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone:

Relationships Manager

Reporting to the Executive Director (ED), the Relationships Manager will maintain FCI’s records tracking the status of the startup food co-ops we support and the success of new co-ops after they open. An ideal opportunity for someone who enjoys collecting and finding meaning in data. 

This is a part-time position, estimated at 20 hours/week. The successful candidate must provide their own office space and be able to work independently without daily supervision. FCI provides an office allowance and pays necessary business expenses.


  • Revise and update database structure for greater ease of use and reporting

  • Survey food co-ops to maintain a record of status and performance metrics

  • Prepare reports, summaries and analyses of collected data

  • Maintain and update FCI contact lists

  • Provide ED with data required for grant applications and compliance reports

  • Coordinate donor record management with the FCI Development Director


  • Experience

    using and maintaining CiviCRM platform, MailChimp, Excel spreadsheets

  • Demonstrated excellence in organizational, analytical and communication skills

  • Familiarity with the food co-op business model and cooperative philosophy

To apply, send letter of interest and resume to: Stuart Reid at [email protected]

Food Co-op Initiative is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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