LEAD Program

 In September 2008, NCG’s western corridor launched a new service for directors and managers of co-ops. This program, called “LEAD” (Leadership Effectiveness and Development), was aimed at supporting board effectiveness, continued professional development, and networking among co-op board members in the western corridor. As of spring 2010, the western corridor made this program available to all co-op directors at no cost.

Through mid-2016, the program involved electronic publication of a quarterly resource guide called the LEADer. Each issue of the LEADer focused on a specific topic area and offered two or three short articles on aspects of that topic. Some topics were covered based on request and to answer questions submitted by readers. The LEADer then also provided a study guide on the topic consisting of a series of questions or activities in the topic area for the board or a group of directors to use in adapting and making improvements in the topic area.

We think many of the past issues will still be of interest for ongoing reference. Issues, as well as a short description of the topic, are listed below, in the order of most recently published first.

The content of the LEADer and all LEAD program activities was directed by NCG’s Board Effectiveness Support Team (BEST) – an advisory group of co-op leaders (managers and directors).

For information about past issues of the LEADer or about National Co+op Grocers and its quarterly newsletter for co-op boards of directors (launched in mid-2017), contact Karen Zimbelman.

• updated June 30, 2017

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