Open the Purple Porch Co-op store doors

We are building a full-time grocery store providing delicious, fair, sustainable, local food for the entire South Bend community. In addition to housing our weekly markets, the store will feature: Fruit and vegetables (local, organic, transparent methods) Meats, eggs, and dairy (local, grass fed, organic, sustainable) Produced food (local, transparent methods) Bulk goods (locally sourced) Salad bar and Deli (locally sourced) Café (locally sourced) Certified Kitchen While the support from our member-owners and community has truly been amazing - and we continue to ask for their support - we still need more financial energy in order to open the store. The local food movement is a global movement, and we have the opportunity to secure all of its virtues into the heart of a burgeoning downtown South Bend. Kickstarter allows us to extend beyond Michiana and share our dream of a locally-sourced food store with those who are just becoming aware of us. Our Kickstarter goal is $15,000. This will help us purchase required equipment for the store, including: two checkout counters, installation of reach-in freezer and cooler, new locally made outdoor sign, start-up pay for employees for store set up.

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Created date: September 11, 2013
Last Updated: May 29, 2015
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