Principle 6 Cooperative Movement

Principle 6 Cooperative Trade Movement

The P6 Cooperative Trade Movement is a campaign launched in 2010-2011 by Equal Exchange, a worker-owned fair trade cooperative, and six consumer food co-ops:  Seward Co-op, Bloomingfoods, Brattleboro Co-op, Community Mercantile, David Food Co-op, and Willy Street Co-op.  More recently two additional consumer food co-ops have joined this campaign:  Mississippi Market Co-op and Eastside Food Co-op.

The P6 campaign aims to emphasize the international cooperative principle #6, “Cooperation among cooperatives,” by highlighting and supporting products that meet at least two of three criteria:  1) they are local in origin; 2) they are grown by small farmers or producers; 3) they are from a cooperative.

Linked below under Related Content is an article detailing the origins and intent behind the P6 campaign, by Phyllis Robinson of Equal Exchange:  "Co-ops are Doing it Themselves."  For further information, mail to: [email protected].

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