Common Acronyms

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CDF:  Cooperative Development Fund:
The Cooperative Development Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 charitable family of funds that advances economic development through cooperative enterprise.

CGN:  Cooperative Grocer Network:  or
Networking and information-sharing association of food co-ops in the US.

CDS CC:  CDS Consulting Co-op:  
CDS Consulting Co-op specializes in providing consulting services to food cooperatives.

ICA: International Cooperative Alliance:
The ICA acts as the custodian of cooperative values and principles around the world. It makes the case for co-operatives as businesses that use a distinctive values-based economic model that put people before profit. It also aims to demonstrate how co-operatives give individuals and communities an instrument of self-help and influence over their development.

NCBA/CLUSA: National Cooperative Business Association/Cooperative League USA:
NCBA CLUSA is the nation’s oldest and largest national membership association representing cooperatives of all types and in all industries.

NCB:  National Cooperative Bank:
National Cooperative Bank (NCB) provides comprehensive banking services to cooperatives and other member-owned organizations throughout the country.

NCDF:  Northcountry Cooperative Development Fund:
Northcountry Cooperative Development Fund (NCDF) is a cooperatively owned community-development loan fund committed to fostering economic democracy by investing in cooperative enterprises.  Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, NCDF currently serves more than 175 co-op members in 30 states, including natural food, consumer, producer, housing and worker-owned cooperatives.

NCG:  National Co+op Grocers
National Co+op Grocers (NCG) is a business services cooperative for retail food co-ops located throughout the United States. 


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