Little Falls Food Co-op

In January 2015, the Steering Committee incorporated under the name “Little Falls Food Co-Op” with the understanding that when we got closer to establishing the store, we would choose the store’s name.  At the July community meeting, we announced the name of our future store - The Purple Carrot Market

Our Vision

The Purple Carrot Market is a vibrant, welcoming, meeting place for those interested in high quality, natural foods.  It offers producers a fair price for their goods while giving customers access to reasonably priced products sourced from area farms and neighboring communities whenever possible.  By partnering with Little Falls Community Schools to enhance entrepreneurial education and collaborating with local food sources to promote a fair, sustainable, and community-driven lifestyle in Central Minnesota, the Purple Carrot Market strives to reduce the number of miles our food travels while keeping grocery money within our community.

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Little Falls Food Co-op
Little Falls, MN 56345

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