Near East Side Cooperative Market

The Near East Side Cooperative Market (NESCM) is a for-profit cooperative business formed for the benefit of its members and community. It exists to increase the accessibility of fresh, healthful food to the Near East Side and greater Columbus, Ohio. By creating a year round market place, NESCM will connect consumers and producers of locally grown, healthful foods and other healthful, holistic products. Our goals are to encourage healthy eating, expand local and economic development, and promote food sovereignty through strong community involvement and relationships.

NESCM will be owned and managed by its members.  Members will elect a board to provide management oversight and governance stipulated by the organization’s bylaws. 

While open to everyone who desires to shop at NESCM, NESCM will focus on growing its membership or business owners.  Membership provides residents who shop at the market with:

  • Decision-making opportunities by voting for board members and initiatives.
  • Financial benefits through discounts, sales, and store credits for volunteer efforts.
  • Social responsibility by promoting local, organic and healthy food for their neighborhood.
  • Educational opportunity through classes and programs.
Location Hours
Near East Side Cooperative Market
1117 Oak Street
Columbus, OH 43205
Phone: 614-636-3726

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