Retail Basics – Supervision and Team Building

This workbook is designed to offer basics on team building and guidelines related to supervising and effectively coaching and communicating with employees for positive outcomes. Through this handbook, you will gain professional knowledge on systems related to:

  • Holding employees accountable
  • Hiring
  • On-the-job training
  • Performance evaluations
  • Disciplinary action
  • Teamwork

Accompanying this manual are 10 sample forms and documents illustrated in the various appendices, that can be adapted for use in your co-op.

This workbook is a supplement NCGA’s Retail Basics (RB) training program and the RB 103, Supervision and Team Building, module. This workbook draws upon standard industry practices, with sensitivity to their unique application within a consumer co-op setting.

This workbook is made up of six chapters:

  1. Introduction and the Accountability Loop – the foundation for building a workplace that provides clear tools and support in order to hold employees accountable for their performance
  2. Hiring – importance of hiring right, defining qualifications, motivational fit, marketing the job, detecting qualifications, rejections, and internal candidates
  3. On-the-Job Training – importance of training right, choosing trainers, developing a training plan, creating a learning atmosphere, learning style differences, the three-step method, and making use of the trial period.
  4. Performance Evaluations – impact of late evaluations, end-of-trial-period evaluations, filling out evaluation forms, writing narrative evaluations, employee self-evaluation, coworker input, the performance review meeting, setting future goals, documentation, connection to pay increases, feedback between evaluations
  5. Feedback and Corrective Action – positive reinforcement, punishment, constructive feedback, coaching sessions, progression of corrective action, is it misconduct, the hot stove rule, delivering a warning, chronically late employees, firing with compassion, legal issues in corrective action, excuses supervisors use
  6. Teamwork – a common purpose, team performance goals, complementary skills, ground rules, day shift versus night shift, mutual accountability, team-oriented leadership

Included with this manual (as separate files) are all of the sample documents in Microsoft Word format so they can be easily edited and tailored to meet your specific needs:

  • Deli stocker seven-day training expectations
  • Deli stocker 30-day training expectations
  • Deli stocker three-month training expectations
  • Produce staff evaluation form
  • Employee self-evaluation form
  • Evaluation Summary
  • Supervisor’s script/notes for a performance review meeting
  • Work plan and review for a wellness buyer
  • Corrective action report
  • Rate your team form

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Created date: June 1, 2010
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