U.S. Food Co-op Organizations and Affiliates

Cooperative Grocer Network (CGN), http://www.cgn.coop, maintains this website and publishes Cooperative Grocer in both print and web versions.  CGN is itself a cooperative governed by a board elected from among its member co-ops.  As of 2012, the resources of Cooperative Grocers’ Information Network (CGIN), http://www.cgin.coop, are being merged with the resources of Cooperative Grocer.

Cooperative Development Services Consulting Co-op (CDS Consulting Co-op), http://www.cdsconsulting.coop, provides training and consulting and data services to food co-ops.  CDS Consulting Co-op contributors and resources are extensively used among food co-ops and on the CGN.coop website.

Cooperative Development Services (CDS) is a firm based in Madison, Wis., and St. Paul, Minn., providing business consulting and analysis in the Upper Midwest http://www.cdsus.coop. CDS was the parent of CDS Consulting Co-op, but they are now independent of one another.

Cooperation Works! (CS), http://www.cooperationworks.coop, Is a national organization of co-op development centers and practitioners working with many different types of co-op enterprise.  CW offers a free newsletter and other resources through its website along with development centers across the U.S.

Food Co-op Initiative (FCI), http://www.foodcoopinitiative.coop, is a non-profit organization that assists startup food co-op across the country.  The present website’s wiki on starting a food co-ops recommends the expertise and services of FCI.

National Co+op Grocers (NCG), www.ncga.coop, is a national purchasing and business services co-op for its approximately 140 member food cooperatives.  For an example of NCG’s work, their 2012 public release, “Healthy Foods, Healthy Communities: The social and economic impacts of food co-ops,” can be downloaded at: www.strongertogether.coop/food-coops/food-co-op-impact-study. You can read about the 2014 expansion of their programing in Cooperative Grocer Monthly.

National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA), http://www.ncba.coop, is the multi-sector cooperative that defends and advances the interests of cooperatives domestically and internationally.  Find links to many other kinds of cooperatives on this NCBA page: http://www.ncba.coop/ncba/about-co-ops/co-op-sectors.

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