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As you approach the Old Creamery’s white turn-of-the-twentieth-century building the first thing you notice is the sizable statue of a cow on the front roof overlooking Route 9. The cow connects us with our roots. In 1886 this building housed the Cummington Cooperative Creamery, the co-op of local dairy farmers. These co-op members brought fresh cream from their farms to be churned into butter here. At its most active, 145 dairies produced 20,000 pounds of butter per month. With the advent of widespread refrigeration and motor trucking in the 1940’s, the needs of the community changed and the Creamery began a long legacy of transforming itself to respond to those changing needs. The Creamery has evolved from its co-op roots to becoming at times a restaurant, at times a general store.

Alice Cozzolino and Amy Pulley purchased the Old Creamery in 2000 and have since helped transform it into a vibrant community hub in the Hilltowns of Western Mass. The Old Creamery often hosts evening entertainment, films, or meetings on topics of concern to the local community.

The Old Creamery is passionately committed to supporting local producers and artists. Year round the Creamery carries many items from Hilltown and Pioneer Valley producers including produce, naturally raised and organic meats, cheeses, dairy, breads, bottled and canned grocery items, ice cream, locally roasted coffee, herbal and medicinal products, candles, beer, wine, crafts, books, CD’s and greeting cards. One-of-a-kind mugs from local potters can be used for your warm drink. 

We look forward to your visit and we hope you’ll feel the warmth of the Old Creamery and enjoy all we have to offer.

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Old Creamery Co-op
445 Berkshire Trail (Rt. 9)
Cummington, MA 01026
Phone: 413-634-5560

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