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Purple Porch Co-op is a community-owned cafegrocery store and farmers market.  We specialize in locally grown, organic, bulk, and other specialty foods and are proud of the wide variety of items we carry, from dairy, meats, fresh produce and snacks to cleaning products and personal care items.

Everyone is welcome to shop at Purple Porch.  As a cooperative business, we rely on people of our community to purchase equity shares and shop our store and eat at our Cafe Max.  

We offer food grown sustainably and naturally. When we support local farmers, we make our community stronger. You have a voice when the grower is a handshake away. This transparency lets you know exactly what you’re buying, and how it was produced. Meet neighbors and have fun shopping.

People who produce the food and the people who buy the food operate the co-op together: your neighbors, your market, your food. Our co-op connects local food to local people online and in person.

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Purple Porch Co-op
123 N. Hill St.
South Bend, IN 46617
Phone: 574-287-6724

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