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By becoming a user, you agree to conduct yourself in the spirit of cooperation, and especially in the spirit of CGN’s purpose (to strengthen the food co-op sector by creating community and facilitating the sharing and development of resources among members). As a user of this site:

  • I will conduct myself in a constructive and civil manner in group discussions and when sending private, on-site messages. 
  • I will use the resources gathered from this site solely for the purpose of helping my co-op or another food co-op. 

As much as possible, CGN is an open-source community. Although we can restrict access to resources for select groups, such as board or staff, we encourage you to share your materials so that all members can benefit. Think of the site as a virtual CCMA conference where we are all in one room sharing our knowledge and opinions. 

Reminder: Resources gathered from this site are solely for the purpose of helping your co-op or another food co-op. Any abuse may result in a suspension of your account and possible repercussions from your member co-op.




This website will be used by many people and though its access is reasonably secure and structured, please practice safe Internet precautions:

  • Do not store resources that are highly sensitive or proprietary on this site. If you want to share them, do it directly. 
  • Do not engage in discussions that you consider highly sensitive. 

Use common sense and good etiquette on the site. CGN does have ways of tracking misconduct, and if necessary, we will terminate your access to the site. Also, your member co-op may have terms and conditions for your use of the CGN site, and your member co-op’s CGN account manager will have administrative tools to help enforce those terms and conditions. 

By logging into this site, I accept the terms of use as outlined above.