Domestic Fair Trade Association to Meet Nov. 12–14

The Domestic Fair Trade Association ( annual meeting brings together stakeholders from across the food and agriculture systems. DFTA is leading the movement for a collaborative approach to sustainable agri-culture, and its members include veteran -activists from a variety of organizations. Under the DFTA approach, farmers and workers are paid fairly and treated with dignity, and all stakeholders—including farmers, farmworkers, food workers, processors, manufacturers, -marketers, retailers, advocates, and consumers—are united by a common vision for health, -justice, and sustainability.

This year, the DFTA annual meeting will be held Nov. 12–14 in Rochester, N.Y. It will feature speakers, reports on DFTA’s work to hold fair trade and social justice standards and labels to a high bar, small-group -sessions on key issues in domestic fair trade, and opportunities for both sector and cross-sector collaboration.

DFTA is making an appeal for sponsor support. They intend to make this meeting accessible to a broad range of stakeholders, to keep costs low and, in some cases, offer travel assistance to attendees. Many farmers, farmworkers, food workers, and advocates from low–budget organizations cannot afford to attend meetings like this on their own, and often their voices are missing from programming and policy decisions that may affect them. Sponsorship of the Domestic Fair Trade Association annual meeting will help make this an inspiring, collaborative, and fun event.

For further information, visit or Executive Director Kerstin Lindgren: [email protected].

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