How Foodies Can Understand Capitalism and Farm-to-Table Justice

Pushing back against a capitalist food system is within our control, even if it means just small daily acts.

A new book aimed at the socially conscious food activist explores how our food system can be a place for transformation through an alliance between the progressive and radical wings of the food movement.

As advocates for a just food system, most of us try to live by our beliefs. Shopping at the farmers markets: Check. Buying local and grass-fed: Check. We rail against Big Food, yet don’t dare, or bother, to look too far beneath the surface when we shop at Whole Foods or order from the organic aisle of Fresh Direct. We are walking, kale-stuffed characters out of Portlandia, better-intentioned than informed. After all, what are we really doing to change the system? ...

Find the entire article in the Spring 2018 Decolonize issue of Yes! magazine:

By Nancy Matsumoto for the Srping 2018 Decolonize issue of Yes! magazine.

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